Quilting, I think I love Crazy quilting  Art quilts, Contemporary quilts and type of quilting that does not require perfect piecing!  My sister Robin is a master quilter, and her skills are amazing! When I try to do a traditional quilt I get very frustrated!  I knew how to sew, I am a contract sewer and have do all kinds of things from very simple to very complicated.  I think Robin got all the DNA coding for traditional quilting!

I'm at the very beginning of a "Round Robin" crazy quilt color study (Yellow) with the group CQforNewbies on Yahoo!  I will turn this finished block into the center of a wall hanging for my bedroom which is gray and yellow.

Crazy quilting is a wonderful media to use up bits of fabrics,
I'm assembling yellows to make my patch work block.  I will have 4-6 partners in this round robin, each will sew their bit and mail it on, in the end I will have a very beautiful and unique block

I also have to gather yellows for my work on my partners blocks

Yes, I use rubber stamps to stamp an image on the fabric and then embroider!
I am doing a humming bird on mine

Sewing the patches on the foundation
This is my Vigorelli 'Amica' sewing machine.  Made in Italy this is a very fine machine and it sews like a race car!!

Here is the block before I sew on margins (makes it easier to hoop).

I re read the rules and discovered my block was three inches to large so I had to cut it down a bit!

This is referred to as the naked block, well almost, I added a daisy!

I 'll show you the bits as I do them, I was able to do a beak and a few feathers tonight!

If you are interested in surface embroidery and CQ, Here are two of my favorite sites:


Take a peek, lot of eye candy and inspiration!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Gorgeous Ginny, so wonderfully happy and cheery. Keep sharing it all with us wont you?
Very inspiring.
Shaz in Oz.x
This looks wonderful Ginny, and so pretty, and love that wee daisy. I have only ever done stitching round robins.
What is the name of the gold thread on reels you have in one of the photos, I have some like it that was given to me, and I have no idea if it is machine useable - currently I am just using it on cards.
Ginny Maxam said…
Hi MAxine! That is rayon machine embroidery thread. I use it for machine and hand embroidery!

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