Monday, June 20, 2016

Strawberry moon and my family

Although a lot of friends and family  read my blog, my main group of readers are overseas. I try to keep the blog informative and fun.  Unfortunately I have someone reading my blog that has a great deal of ill will toward me and my family. In an effort to protect my family I will not be posting about my kids or grand kids. I love them and they are much more important to me than any of the things I am involved in and if anyone that wants to have a relationship with any of us, they need to do so and not troll my blog and then send things in a mysterious manner - this is not the day and age to do that.  So if you and I are friends you will be in the know and will not need to keep up with the personal details on my blog.   I hope this is clear enough.  Enough said .

On to more pleasant things!  Tonight I am working on a new to me embroidery tool:, the punch needle, I am planning on doing a humming bird body  for my Yellow Color study.

And snapping a few pictures of the Strawberry moon!

Thanks for stopping by and for all of you that leave me sweet comments and emails that encourage, Thank you I really appreciate it!!

Ginny M


  1. Lord bless dear Ginny and may He deal with all things in respect to this after His will.. Sorry indeed to read it, but oh I love Gids great creation what an amazing moon shot!
    Awesome indeed!
    Hugs and prayers, Shaz.x

  2. An amazing picture of the moon. Don't the colors go beautifully together? God is a great artist! Sorry about the problems. Hugs.

  3. Oh Ginny, I hear you - I have had a few nasty experiences through my blog too - praying God will resolve this, and I agree, family is way to precious to expose to this nonsense.
    Love the colours in your photograph - God's palette is always perfect!

  4. Oh wow, what a beautiful photo, Ginny! A strawberry moon it is. And, I'm so sorry to hear that you have had some internet trolls lately. That is just awful. I haven't had to deal with anything nasty yet on my blog and I hope I never do, but my thoughts are with you! Miss you lots!