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Some years ago I made gun slings for a company in western mass. Not cowboy gun slings, but slings for combat warriors.  It was one of those instances I did not ask enough questions.  When I went for the job interview I was asked my commercial sewing experience, new product launch experience and a few other things.  Let me say I thought I was going to this company to launch a sewing room that would produce car wash items.  Very benign car wash items.   I was very happy with the hours, the wage and the people and then I found out the job was Gun Sling production!  If I hadn't liked my coworkers so much I would not have lasted the year I did. After a year I decided I just couldn't do the work any more for two reason it was really bothered me when an order came in for 50,000  slings for Columbia.  All I could think of was this can't be good. I was okay when this was going to US troops, it was an excellent product and it would help save our troops (I'm a military wife and mother with two kids in armed services)  But Columbia??  The second thing the work was destroying my Interphalangeal (IP) Joint.  After sewing these for a year I could hardly hold a fork.  If anyone tells you commercial sewing is easy, they are totally wrong and have never worked in a production sewing room.    
Since I'm taking  break from card making, I've started quilting again and had the urge to pick up a hand needle to see if I could embroider, I quit in 2012 because I could not hold the needle.  I love surface embroidery and I have been doing it off an on since I was 11.  I think it is in my DNA, I love all forms of embroidery!

This week I picked up a needle just to see if I could do a little stitching and if I could pick up the hoops for Crazy Quilting art!.  Since I have a tone of beautiful stamps and all kind of inks I decided to try using a stamp to put down the image

This is the end result, and it was pain free!!

So I've started pulling out the fibers I packed to bring to Texas  and I'm looking for a local guild

Honestly there is nothing like an hour of stitching with Pride and Prejudice playing!

This was the last thing I worked on:

It feels great to be back at it!  
I am hoping to start a gathering of women here soon, a little bible study, fellowship , prayer and stitching!  
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Oh Ginny your embroidery is stunning - I love your humming bird, and yes, sitting stitching is very therapeutic. I have spent years stitching, but recently thanks to Carpel Tunnel (2x) and cubital tunnel problems I have not done much. Rather I have focused on my card making as there is not the repetition of movement and I can stick at it for longer :-)
Blessings, precious sister in Christ.
Ohhhhhh sis, am so completely delighted, answered prayer to see a new creative area being rediscovered, you certainly are a skilled embroiderer, love the fact you stamped that exquisite scotch thistle, too, I have always loved them.
God bless you dear Ginny and the work of your hands to His glory.
Hugs, Shaz.x
Renee said…
Your stitching is gorgeous! Love the thistle and your sweet bird. Beautiful work!

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