Lack of funds and power tools is a mother of invention

Lack of funds and power tools is a mother of invention, I say that not because I can't afford to shell out $150 for a sewing platform, I just refuse too! I also have a garage full of power tools, only that garage is 2,000 miles away!  So this is a real hack job at creating a platform for my sewing machine.

I purchased this beautiful Vigorelli sewing machine on Ebay for 80.00 included shipping.  The machine sewed perfectly right out of the box.  The stitch system is a little different than the average sewing machine so I did need to find a manual on line ($1.00). The reason I wanted this machine was the high powered motor and it's reputation for perfect stitching, it also has the super sized L bobbin- a very important attribute for commercial sewing.  I hope to  someday put this in an industrial table with a servo motor.  These Italian made machines are basically the same machine as the Swiss made Pfaff machines.  Same metal camstack, cleated drive belt and a two belt motor system. they run like a race car!

I had one of these machines about 12 years ago and then sold it.  I have regretted selling it ever since.

It came with a case in pristine condition, but it did not come with the sewing platform/plate.  The plates aren't imperative, but if you are sewing for hours it is really helpful.

There are lots of sewing tables/platforms for sale anywhere between $100-$300 and you can make one for around $30.00.  I made mine for no cost at all.  May not look the best, but it was free and I was able to use it right away!

I used a block of firm foam, one of the pieces that was actually used in the box that the machine  was shipped in!  

I traced and carved, no technology or math involved!!

It sits just right and supports the fabric nicely

I hope to put it in a  table - when I have one and when I have room for one!  Until then this little hack job works just fine!
Thanks for stopping by!

Ginny M


Kathy Dunahee said… money makes us all creative...great did good
Marianne S-M said…
Very clever, I miss my Pfaff.
What an awesome result - well done Ginny. I love your initiative, and re-cycling!

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