Stash Storage Beautified

Hi everyone, today I'm going to show you how I neatened up my 12x12 and fiber  stash using The Best Glue Ever!
Steve and I moved cross country back in December, We are currently renovating and living in our new home.  My Current craft space is 9x10  - the space we are renovating for the craft room will be 24 x 20ish.  No matter what size space I have, keeping it neat and orderly is a priority.  Chaos kills my creativity!  We painted this little room a nice bright yellow to keep it cheerful.  I still have all of my sewing stuff packed, so for now, I'm doing paper craft related art.   If you are like me, storage is an issue.  Compared to some crafters I don't have a lot of "Stuff" but I do have a lot of paper and fibers, keeping track of that is a challenge! Here is my result: Keep reading for more details

My Trusty bottle of Best Ever Glue helped me come up with a "prettified" solution

Steve looked at this mess and just shook his head, I know it is awful.  This room will become part of the Master bedroom so we don't want to do anything with it - like put up shelves.

I have 7 of these large base units holdinding stampy paper crafting sullpies, 4 of them are full of cut paper.  I cut my designer paper into 6x6  and 5x7 stacks (from 12x12 pads).  What I needed to wrangle was the  12x12 pads and fibers  that I store in these Sterilite containers.

I literally had nowhere else to go but up the room is stuffed - trust me I am not suffering, I just wanted to get this under control so I can work better

Last year when I was planning out this room (knowing I would be in it for about a year) I used this to plan my colors"

Since I still had the paper stack I made this with (and I could find it) I cut 2.5-inch strips to line the face of the drawers
and used just a tiny squiggle of Best Ever Glue.  It dries completely invisible and holds paper to plastic perfectly!

Popped them in and created a label.

And TaDa:

Steve is still shaking his head, but at least it looks better and I know where everything is.  Total time into this - about 2 hours.

I hope this might be a helpful solution for some of your "stash Issues"!
Thanks for stopping by, 
Ginny M


kReN said…
Great idea! Love that you had that paper and you could find it!
Wonderful storage Ginny, and so pretty too!

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