How to create a slightly different napkin card and a new series - Stash Busters!

Hi everyone!  I am in Florida with my daughter and we are waiting for Baby Aiden to enter the world!  I've got months worth of crafty posts all lined up and something new - a minis series I am calling 'Stash Busters'!  You know all that stuff we have hanging around?  I'm working on using it in a fresh new way! 
Today is my first "Stash Buster Post"  you can find them by searching the label 'Stash Busters'.  I've got a LOT of stash so this could go on for a while!

here is the first card and if this interests you, keep reading!

This card started out as a humble napkin!

I was able to make three cards from one napkin and three ATC's

Section out your focal images and separate the printed layer from the backing.

I tried this several ways, they all came out the same;
Line up your image on a thin paper, tracing paper works great or you can use copy paper
Using a pvc glue (I use Lineco)  just coat the front for the image

and then let it dry, it may take a few hours. 

When this dries you will be so amazed!

I added lots of vintage photo distress ink to the edges and a bit of peacock
A few splats of gold in and a bit of fiber from my stash

To give the edges of the card base some pop, I also used distress inks and  a little leftover gold foil.

 Each one comes out a little different. the finish feels like a fine vintage parchment, there is a slight gloss to it, but if you don't want any shine you can use a matte finish mod podge. Or experiment with any of your stashy gel mediums!  This is a fun and easy technique to play around with!

I hope you give this a try!
Have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!


deedles77 said…
that is so beautiful. thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques. I just bought a package of napkins the other day for this exact purpose but on a journal front, and then here is your post. makes me think it was meant to be for me to try it.
What a fabulous technique Ginny - I think I will have to try it - thanks for being an enabler :-)
Cathy said…
Amazing technique! Cathy x

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