Say Yes To The Dress!

 Have you ever watched that show?  Personally, I am not a fan, I don't like all the drama and conflict, seeing a bride's feelings get hurt, mothers being pushy and dominating, sisters being mean and petty.  Do you ever wonder why the media loves to push such a bizarre normal?  Any way, 

Today I am bringing you the Dress to Say Yes to, the one that will forever be perfect and comfortable, you will never have to diet physically for it (you may be required to fast and push some things away from your table).  But it is the PERFECT  Dress, designed just for you by your creator. 

He has even taken care of the laundry for it, it will never be spotted or wrinkled, and it will never be less than perfect for you.  The price of the cleaning would have never been payable by us, the cost was so beyond anything in this world, that he himself had to pay it, the cleaning solution;  his own blood.   That blood washed the dress we were wearing and turned it into our wedding garment and made it perfect for all time. 

As the customs of the world demand the bride and the groom attire themselves in their very best, in a display of the false wealth of their families and prosperity for their future, We Learn The Lord has a better plan.  He alone has clothed us in Garments of Salvation and covered us with the Robe of his Righteousness.  This is the dress we must say yes to.  Without this dress, the gates of heaven will remain closed to us, and I don't want to even think of what being outside of those gates for eternity would mean.

It isn't difficult, and the journey is well mapped out, and he, Our Great Creator and Redeemer, promises to walk the whole journey with us.

He even gives us great gifts and friends for the journey, if we trip he lifts us up. 
He is the Waymaker!

When we wear this garment we get more beautiful every day, a beauty that is soul deep and can never be taken away.

Would you like to say yes to this dress?  You need to tell Him Yes, start with the Gospel of St. John.  There you will learn who He is, and how He made this all possible.  Next go to the Book of  Acts, to find out how you can have this wedding venue.  Then spend the rest of your life reading His book and feeling his love and devotion every day!

Image from the Devotion and Original Art Work of Open Journey by Ingrid Blixt

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my Bible journaling today of  Isaiah 60:10 with me.
Ginny M


Wonderful words of light and life Ginny - and what a garment He has crafted for us, and at such cost!! Oh how I treasure the Blood of Jesus.

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