Scripture Planner Fun layout Peeks and Why I do This

 Hello, Everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend.  It is Saturday night here, it has been a beautiful day here, Study and housework in the morning, and in the afternoon, a big yard project that was a fail, no fault of ours,  it just didn't follow the plan. We all have those events.  After dinner, back to studying and getting ready for Sunday. 

On Saturday, I normally finish up my scripture writing for the week and do the next week's layout.  Last week's layout with the verses for the week. I use the Inscribe plan and usually write the thought of the text, not just a verse or two.

A couple of tip-ins and a large flip-down.  I make most of my stickers, using different digital companies and public domain art.  A favorite of mine is  The Graphics Fairy, for two reasons, #1, superb selection and #2, you have at your fingertips a world-class digital art education. Another new favorite is Daydream Bible Art, a wonderful company by artisit and author Diane Noble.
 I am sharing these companies because I am always looking for beautiful tools to help me share my faith, whether I am teaching or making a card to encourage.  I want to do my very best, to represent the very best, that is: Jesus.

The layout process:

Naturally I start with my blank pages, I prefer the Happy Planner system because it is so adaptable, especially since I have the punches to go with the disk system.  everything paper becomes fair game for my planners!

I am using the classic size for 2023-2024

I selected my images to make my stickers with.  I don't always make stickers - often I will just use good paper and glue.

This set is printed on clear glossy sticker paper with my Canon 3260 -
 a low-end cost and high-functioning printer 

Paper used:

Starting the layout, this sticker I flipped to make a bottom border and punched it.

The finished page:

Two flip-ups and a lot of color.  Next week I will have to do something that is not predominately flora and fauna.

And Now the 'why';
basically, because I want to draw closer to the Lord.
scripture writing slows me down to the point where I can really think about the word that I am writing, which then becomes a study topic, which gets parsed and noted
I have another planner in which I make notes for each day's scripture writing.  You would be so surprised, this is such a pleasant time each day. Basically, all I have to do is commit to showing up and opening my heart and ears, and the Lord just pours so much into me.
It is so wonderful!  I am also committing more scripture to memory and have more peace and confidence than ever!

I have a time-proven system for all of this word building into my life.  I would be more than happy to share that if anyone is interested.

Planners, study Bibles and journaling bible and all kinds of fun bits on the side of my desk.

I am so glad you stopped by, and may The Lord richly bless you!
Ginny M


I am in awe of your journal pages Ginny - they are beautiful - both before and after your writing in them. I would be interested in your system - I probably don't spend enough time in the Word - but I do get there regularly now, and write up a couple of verses a day
Cindy Littler said…
Thank you so much for the step-by- step instructions. Going to start one for the new year. Your posts in CCM has motivated me. ❤️

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