Scripture writing planner/journal layouts with a few tips.

 I thought I would give you a little peek into my scripture writing journal setup, along with a couple of "afters" from the weeks before. I usually do the layout for the journal and my planners on Sunday nights. It is very relaxing to me, and starting my week feeling balanced and on track is a huge plus. Steve and I normally spend our Sunday nights studying and getting ready for the next week's schedule of things to do and teach.

Here is my planner for the scripture writing for next week:

I use a classic style/size verticle layout Happy Planner for the daily writing.
I make most of my own stickers using images from the Graphics Fairy,
I do the print and cut process with my Cricut machine. There is a small learning curve with this process, but a very worthwhile investment, especially if you already own the Cricut machine. The flower basket is from an Anna Griffin Card making kit, and I have made it a "hinge in"

I purchase my sticker paper on Amazon and use a Canon Pixma 3260 echo tank printer ( under 200.00 and a real workhorse, very affordable printer). Your card-making Rubber stamps are also awesome in use with journaling too, plus you already have the coloring mediums that you already favor and have developed your style with. I've even started using my die-cutting machine!

The writing plan usually only has one or two verses, so I have plenty of room, even when I continue the thought into the next verse or two. I have been using the "Inscribe the Word" plan for 3 years now.

In this picture, you can see the basket tips down to give me lots of room for writing.

There will be lots of add-ins during the week - I'll post the finished pages next Sunday

I will often Use the scriptures as journaling prompts that I will do that week when I have a few minutes

A few more weeks:

Since I am now only employed 2 mornings a week, I am very happily spending just about all the time I want immersing myself in the Word. Both for personal growth and teaching.
It took me about a month to develop a system for study, prayer and creativity. But so so worth it.

I'll be sharing more of my Bible Journaling in future posts. As well as "Verse Mapping"
I have been teaching both on a small but regular basis.

My tips are basically, give making your own stickers a try, it is much cheaper and you can get exactly what you want. I am not into cute art, and I find much of what out there is cute. Thanks to the internet, there is a world of beauty waiting to be turned into a sticker.
Get a decent printer and give it a try!! You won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time spent here.
Be a Light in this dark world!
Ginny M


Tara said…
Beautiful Journal pages and encouraging post Ginny. You always take the extra time to "teach" others how to use what they have and what they can find out there to use for their own projects. God Bless, Tara
What a wonderful work of art your journal(s) are - they are beautiful. I am looking up the plan you use. I am looking forward to seeing your pages at the end of the week.

I currently use a reading plan with four readings each day, and I take one or two verses that 'speak' to me and simply write them out in a plan notebook. I often find when a page is full, that when i read over the verses, there is a bit of a theme running through the verses I have written

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