It Is Marvelous in our Eyes! A Journal Entry and Process


This morning's scripture writing is Psalm 118:22.  It is a work morning for me and I don't usually try to journal on a work morning, just not enough time. But today I really just had to do something after reading and scribing verses 19-24 of Psalm 118, I really felt a sense of awe at what the Lord has done for us.  You know the Adversary of our soul has waged a full onslaught against our really feeling anything. Media has robbed us by numbing us to Awe and Wonder by replacing it with special effects and intense soundtracks. We are deluged day in and day out, with mind spraining nothingness to the point where we are impressed by very, very little. 

In these short passages The psalmist freezes history and brings the ancient world into our present and our future and David who never saw The Redeemer, penned the plan and the future.  He said It is Marvelous. It is really beyond that, I don't think our language can convey what it really is- Think about it!

I used from stash a half dozen pieces of flower from an Anna Griffin card kit,   and an old set of wood mounted Letters  that I added a little more color with a pencil;

and a favorite trick, a $1.25 bottle of sparkly drugstore nail polish.

Simple journaling of a Marvelous passage.  I hope you take the time to read it, you will be blessed.
Thank you for stopping by,
Ginny M


A fantastic Psalm Ginny, and I love the last two verses also!!
A wonderful page, albeit quickly made. Yes the media certainly bombards us, if we let it.

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