Psalm 18:32 Bible Journaling Tutorial and the Digitals for your Creating

 Today's Bible Journaling prompt from the Christian Card Makers group is  Psalm 18:32. I look forward to these prompts, especially now that I have the time to do them! Yay, retirement!  Because this is not one of the verses I know by verse reference (there are very few that I do), I turned to it with happy anticipation.  When I read the verse It brought me right back to the beginning of my walk with Jesus.  At 20 years old, I was in such difficult circumstances, a new Christian, newly divorced from a violent alcoholic, Living in a small airstream RV, and supporting myself waiting on tables. I had big decisions to make and really no one to counsel with.  I moved to SW Texas at 18, with high hopes for a happy marriage and a great life. No education, no car, and no job to go to.  Just a man whom I barely knew and who had promised the life I was hoping for ( boy was I naive).  I'll just leave it at The Lord sent a faithful witness to bring me the gospel, after 18 months of being a pain in her neck, I gave my life to the Lord. I have been living for the Lord since then, 1980.  When the time came for me to make a decision to move back home The Lord brought Psalm 18 to me, and I took it as a promise from Him, that he would love me and keep me safe no matter what.  He did and still does, Not only that, but he also gave me that great life and happy marriage that I had so hoped for!  His word does say, that if we seek him first, and walk in his ways, he will bless us!

Journaling this verse has a great deal of backstory in my life, looking at it now 43 years later, all I can say is AMEN!  He is true and faithful!  If you don't know Him, seek him, He is waiting for you, open the door to your heart that He is knocking on.

The page:

I picked this beautiful Asian image because at that time I felt like I was fighting against every possible wind trying to blow me over and at that time, This verse let me know that the Lord would uphold me - and yes he did and has!

                                                She is holding a scroll and holding it as a treasure.                                               The Word of Life is the biggest treasure we can ever hold.

The process:             
    I developed the image in Publisher from my digital stash.
                 I journaled in the very large Illustrating Bible, using the standard 8.5x11 sheet size in                                        publisher.  you can adjust the freebies to whatever size your bible is.                       

I ripped the paper to give it a softer edge for the journaling and then inked the edges using Tim Holtz Tea Dye distress ink pad.

I also used a Pigma pen to go over some of the lines on the dress, to give the image a little pop, and after it was glued in my bible, I added clear sparkly nail polish to different areas.

The freebies for your journaling: Right-click and save:

I am not sure of the original artwork, I think it is a Hokusai, but I can't be sure, I digitized part of the 18th Psalm using the font  "Papyrus" and the Chinese Kanji background is also unknown.  There are a couple of words I  can make out, but it could be a shoe advertisement for all I know.

                                       Thank you for sharing your time and visiting my blog,                                                 and I pray this is a little blessing for your day.
Ginny M


Robin said…
Beautiful, "shoe advertisement " lol.
An encouraging message for all to read. God is good and faithful.
A beautiful page and stunning testimony Ginny - How faithful is our God!!
Thank you for the freebies.
I am so glad you have retired and are sharing so much more - you are a blessing

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