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The Day After and I have toxic pie syndrome, too much pie makes one toxic!  Actually, maybe I have it because I didn’t eat enough!!  I hope you had a great holiday if you live in the US and for those of you that don’t I hope all is well in your corner of the world!
We didn’t travel anywhere this year, with all our running around in the last 6 months we just stayed home and relaxed!  I cooked a whole big dinner and then we decided to wait for young Steve to come home from work so we could eat together.  Dinner was done at two and we ended up eating at 6:30 it was fun and relaxed!
It was such a beautiful day here in New England; we went for a nice long walk.  This picture was taken along the banks of the Connecticut river, is my walking heaven.  I see bald eagles here and many other birds.  A ground hog charged me on day, I got a little too close to her den.    It was a very interesting event, she ran too me stopped at my feet and looked up with an expression that said, SHOO and take that SLOBBERING CANINE WITH YOU!  Luke must have understood, he came within about 3 inches of her they were literally nose to nose.  She turned around and scampered about two feet and then I saw it , her little hole in the ground.
Thinking because the house was clean and just about everything taken care of I’d have the day to make lots of cards and take pictures for the studio (  www.maxammadestudio.com )  It is back up after the crash and I am working on filling it.   Instead of being terrifically productive, I’ve been a slug.  I tied up some loose ends which was good, I still need to finish my Christmas cards.
This is a Christmas card I made for the Secret Santa box being mailed for my OSA group,also using one of the new images.  It is more red -red in real life.  Clean and simple, the image printed on the rough side of Neenah 80# natural white Laid finish  card stock. 5x7
I’ve been working on new images with my printer becoming a major resource.  I love Asian art work and make quite a lot of cards with this theme.  Washi paper right now is a little out of my budget ball park, But I came across a very exciting website that has thousands of jpg, jpeg, png. Gif, and bitmap images available for download  free!  I downloaded about 70 images and started playing with them yesterday.  Here is the first attempt at making one of these pop, I like it!
This image was a blue taupe range and I really liked it even thought it was dull.  I ran it through my embosser and then colored it with  expresso dye in (SU).  It really popped!
I love this machine and Highly recommend it!
More images
Aren't these beautiful!!!  I printed them on various card stocks, and I love how they came out.  Now I know ink is expensive too.  My ink cartridges I purchase on line, they are recycled and I pay 13.33 for color and 6.95 for black.  The color is rated at 500 pages. even if I get half that is is still less expensive to print then to buy pre made papers.  Most of these plain and textured card stocks will be available for great prices in my studio store.  If you are interested before they are up just email me at maxamsewing@hotmail.com  for pricing.
here are two card that I made with the two papers on the right.
The Kanji says "thinking of you"  I embossed and colored the panels and then layered.  If you like the Kanji, I have a real treat for you:  I made them myself and you can too!  Go here for a translator (many languages to choose from) http://www.freetranslation.com/  I copy and then past into WORD from there you can adjust it anyway you fancy!!  I still love my kanji stamps, but I really like making my own too!  These card are large 5x7 and will require extra postage, but thats is okay the bases are both 100# paper.
In my next post I am going to try to give a little lesson on paper weights that might be helpful especially to those of you new to stamps!
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!
Ginny M


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