WOYWW #182 and a lot of redos!!

It is WOYWW#182!!  The free flight trip of  craft desks around the world!  You can go here:  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/To start your  hop!    My work desk was a little hectic today (it is Tuesday night here) I worked on a half dozen pairs of cards I needed for different people.  
And needed to have my PC worked on, I kept getting a dll file error and it was slowing the works down!  My dear Husband took the time tonight to take care of it for me, while I worked at the counter top.
My First set of cards I made in part yesterday and redid today;
It was an OSA challenge and I liked the idea but the card just didn't look right to me so today I redid it: 
The New card was larger in size, and I added a layer on the 100# paper instead of 80# it is A7.

The next was a pair of Geisha cards ( tomorrow I am going to make cards that are not Asian themed, I am hooked on this beautiful motif!  I need to use my other rubber before it dries up)!
The first attempt was another fail, I used a glaze on it and it just looked awful, I was a little disappointed because it is going out tomorrow and I wanted it to be especially lovely, it had to be with that writing on it! So I ripped it down and did another focal, the same as the first sans the glaze.
I lost the faces, and it just looked like a gloppy mess.
This is better:
You can see the difference, I will do the other the one on the left a little later.
While my desk was still occupied:
My supervisor told me to make something he'd like
he approved.
And then there are the 90:
Our Christmas cards that I must get done!
Ahhh Tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M


Hi there Ginny ah your work is soo lovely would love to know how you did those second lots of card, did you emboss the image afterwards to get the shell pattern over it - or is it on the image? and love the one you have done for the OSA challenge too... and also how many cards do you need to make?... mine are all different have few repeats but get bored making the same thing, but dont think I make as many - have done 44 I think or 45...:D
Happy WOYWW And not number yet :D Shaz in oz.x
PS think you have the number wrong too - others have #182 for WOYWW! Shaz.xx
Maxam Made said…
Hi Shaz!
Yes I dry embossed over the image and used a little TH distress ink to make the pattern pop. For my Christmas cards I need to do 90, and I've gotten board with them! I started with a bang, now I am pushing myself to get them done.
Maxam Made said…
Thank you!! Fixed it! I see you made it to #1 this week!!
Rita said…
Well Ginny, what I wouldn't give for a craft room like yours. Its Fabulous and so are your beautiful cards. Hugs from Scotland. Rita 50
Belinda said…
Hi Ginny! Nice to meet you. I love how I get to make new friends every week on WOYWW.

Might I ask you were you purchased those Asian themed stamps? I am in need of some and would love to get my hands on some of them.

Your cards are so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

If you find time, hop on over to my desk.

Have a great day.

Belinda (81)
Sandy Leigh said…
Those Geisha cards are amazing and beautiful! Your technique looks so fascinating. Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh #100
Maxam Made said…
Thank you Rita, it isn't fancy, and it is pretty tiny, 9x11 but it is packed full of love and I am thankful to have this space to craft and study in! I am blessed and thankful!
Maxam Made said…
Hi Belinda! Nice to meet you too! I love this about this hop, getting to meet new people!! I've collected my stamps from different places but one place I like is www.artnekko.com! Beautiful stamps and high quality !
thnaks for stopping by, I about to start my hop!
Laura said…
No wonder you make so many cards... you have a supervisor over seeing all your work! :)
Happy Wednesday,
Ali H said…
Hi Ginny - 2 males in your work room - can you get any work done - they are usually so demanding !! I try to keep my DH at a distance from my craft desk in case he starts to work out what I have spent on stash !!
Love the geisha & the cat cards ! Hope you got the paws up from the supervisor on those !! Take care Ali #24
Nan G said…
Oh yes the makes are fab! Love Mr. supervisor....his card is looking pretty good too. 90?! Whoa! Busy busy.... Hugs, Nan 114
BJ said…
Super work space along with your desk.
Great DH - Mr Fix it I hope.
Nice set of cards too - great to sort things out when they don't sit right isn't it?
Thanks for visiting me this week BJ#7
Shelly Schmidt said…
I have to say- both of your cards are fabulous! It looks like you have a fabulous eye for color. I do like the koi card with the green layer - makes it Pop. The Geisha card is fabulous too- and your workspace is so neat and tidy! Mine is organized, but I have too many supplies..... (Hope my hubby does not see this!). I like to make all different cards, but my next batch will be a dozen or two of the same design- just because we are getting close to the date they need to get in the mail......
I would really love to know how you did the fish stamp - I've had that stamp for years and never figured out how to make it work. In pic it looks like you've embossed it - maybe putting different colored embossing powders in different areas? It looks really great. Thanks for any help/advice.

Terry in Atlanta

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