SAFE and then some!!

Steve  and I decided to venture out today after we walked Luke.  We went to a few stores and surprisingly enough they weren’t too crazy!  One of the stores we went to sold everything you can think of for sports, we were actually looking for binoculars for our bird watching!  As we were going by a gun Isle Steve says “hey look there you go fire proof stamp storage”!!  I looked at it and before I could say anything else about this 6’x4’x4 safe, Steve says never mind we’d go broke buying enough to put your stamps in!   I didn’t say a word, just didn’t want to say and “what about the papers!”  You just got to love my husband, no  wait you don’t have too, but I sure do!! 

I'd have to change the label to 'Stamp and Ink'  Pro Series is fine!

Next thing to work on tonight; our Christmas cards!  all most done!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


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