WOYWW #180!! No Tears Please!

It’s here , WOYWW#180 more riveting footage of what is on my craft desk!!  Well, there is a bunch of us that like hopping around the world to see what the MoJo is stirring up!!  It starts here:  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/    at Julia Dunnit’s wonderful blog!   Enjoy!!
I thought I would put this picture in, to give you something pretty to look at from the start!
I’ve made a bunch of cards this week, but on my desk to day is a project that I started earlier,  and  am expanding!  I started with taking my Kanji Stamps of their wood mounts and turning them into cling mounts, stored in CD  cases in a tower.   The tower  took up 1/3 of my cutting desk. 
 That desk is shared with my cutting machines and sewing machine (yes it is a little cramped in here – not complaining,  just need to make every inch count!!)  I am running out of room and memory.  I am starting to forget which stamps I have  in my Asian collection.  So in an effort to make more room so I can see what I have, I have unmounted now  197 stamps.  I  wanted to put them right in my work area instead of on the other side of the room.  So I am putting them in a small cart that slides under my desk.  I also keep my  scripture and "Our Daily Bread" stamps there along with colored scraps and on the top my Genesis cutter, a very handy workstation!

 So in these two drawers I have in an indexed order about 400 stamps, with room to grow!!
Now the question remains should I proceed to unmount more of my Asian collection so that I have room to view other collections?  (by the way I tried to move the camera to make my leg in my jean skirt not look fat. I don't think it worked.)

I'd like to have all the Asian stamps as un mounted except the magenta (they would go on the magenta shelf.  that would give me another shelf and a half.
I told one of my dear stamping friends what I was doing and she just looked at me like I need professional help to over come this impulse, She said the thought of unmounting hers made her want to cry!!  I have the drawer space and I can laminate more 130# paper to make cling cards,   the 197 stamps required 24 pieces of 8.5x 5.5 cards.
Now at least I have more sewing/cutting room

 At last  is my work desk, after I finished the unmounting!! not too bad
Rubber stamping is a wonderful art and helps me to reach out, But I try to keep everything in perspective and remember this
Mt 6:21 
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
I am very fond of these things, But I want to remember my God, and Husband, Family and  Friends near and far are my true treasures!
Thank you for stopping by and my God bless you with Abundant treasures! 
And Lots of stamps and inks!!  Paper too!
Ginny M



Neet said…
Good for you. I have done the same with a lot of my mounted stamps. It comes to us all to make a decision on something some time and mine was to make more room by unmounting my stamps,
It's looking Good! Well done.
Hugs, neet 15 x
okienurse said…
I have unmounted just about all of my block stamps now. I think I have just over 700 stamp sets and it takes up a lot of room even in DVD cases. I think people who don't like unmounted stamps haven't given them a fair shake. I can't tell a bit of difference in the unmounted rubber and the wood block mounted in the way they stamp. I do know that the clear acrylics can be a different story but since using stamp foam with them I get clear images there too. good luck unmounting the rest. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #63
Annie said…
Love you creation and what a fab workspace. Hugs

Annie x
Craft Donkey said…
What a great selection of stamps!

Craft donkey
butterfly said…
Phenomenal organisation in your craft space... seems you have a place for everything (if not quite everything in its place). Wood mounted stamps are so beautiful, but I haven't even allowed myself to go there (apart from one), as the storage scares me so... I love using unmounted, cling mounted and clear stamps, but if I had wooden ones, I think I'd find it really hard to unmount them!! Have a happy WOYWW!
Alison x
Caro said…
Wow, your crafting space is soo organised! Wonderful. I have my stamps roughly sorted out, but nowhere near as organised as you. I love the idea of unmounting your stamps, but have so few mounted ones that it doesn;t seem worth the effort. I love the verse from Matthew...an excellent reminder to us all. Thanks for popping by my blog last week, sorry I didn't manage to reciprocate until now. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89
Nan G said…
Wow that's a ton of wood stamps! Great organization for the unmounted ones. Good luck doing the rest of them! I have a few blocks yet to unmount, with squirrelly hands its getting more difficult to pull the rubber off. How do you unmount yours? Happy WOYWW! Nan 103
Annie said…
Such a fab creative space you have to play in.
A x #74
Hi there Ginny yes deign a prowl around your site when should be doing other things..

...but agree with you on the stamps - I have unmounted some but not all - just ones I wanted unmounted and bought mainly unmounted ones these days too but done have nay where near as many as you!
Also agree so much on your last thought of Matt 6.. where you treasure is there is your heart also, love Shaz in oz.x

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