Thanks Giving

I will enter into his gates with Thanks Giving and into His Courts with Praise
Here in the US we will celebrate what we call Thanksgiving Day, in just a few
hours. Most of the hype will center around eating a bird we call the Turkey.
It is a hugely ugly thing, lacking in grace and beauty. As far as I know we are
the only things on the earth that try to eat it on a regular basis, or at least
once a year. All of us here in the US will have many memories good and bad
associated with the day, and will proceed to make many more of both natures.

I would like to make one very important memory in the midst of all of this. I
think it may be a most important memory, and I want to make it in the mind of
God. I want him to remember me, entering into his Gates with Real Thanks Giving
and entering into his Courts with Praise. When I enter through the Gates, I am
leaving behind this temporal world , I am leaving behind this world of
corruption and passing into the eternal , When I enter into his Courts, I come
into his presence, before all that is Perfect and Holy. No place for turkeys or
biscuits and not even my gravy. I want thanksgiving to be part of my life,
everyday . I want God to remember me with Joy.
Have a wonderful day and Be Glad for Jesus loves to the uttermost!


ah, so true Ginny, EVERY day we can enter into His courts with praise!
... as we start the day in the service of the King and Lord and Saviour..
I have read some thanksgiving posts today and found God does not even rate a mention which seems very sad.
God blesses us with so very much and we need to daily count our blessing and give Him the thanks..
As read one post where the LORD was there - "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

I love that verse in Colossians! Shaz in oz.x

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