WOYWW # 181

The is going to be a record short post for my WOYWW#180!!  I have a lot of things on my mind right now, mainly people.  For me, this is what this is all about, People.  I make cards for people, and I try to make really beautiful ones to make people smile.  My hope is if I make you a beautiful card, you will see that you are important to me, and that if you open the card I have something important to tell you.   Right Now my friend Victoria and her family in Ashdod are on my mind and thank you readers for praying for their safety, I heard from Victoria this am they are safe right now, She even posted on my blog.  Blogs are part of normal, and when bombs are going off around you normal is something you crave.  I know I lived through my house burning down, normal in crisis becomes totally awesome! 

On my work desk today:  My books of people, these are my treasures, names and addresses and records, people, my world that matters, the people of my life.  and when I am done posting I will sleep and tomorrow make cards and work and food shop and be with the people I am so blessed to have in my life.  My life, my prayers, my mail, my Internet.  With all these blessings I can say thank you Lord for making my life so rich and sweet!
Happy WOYWW#181 and Have a wonderful thanks giving!

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Tertia said…
You are so right! In times of crisis, normal is fantastic!
So glad to hear your friend is OK.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #5
okienurse said…
Great looking desk and I love all those books. I feel that in abnormal times the normal folk become extraordinary folks. We seem to rise to the call and do what it takes to get things done. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and everything turns out okay for your friend! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #2
sandra de said…
Hope and pray that your friends remain safe. Have a good week.
Sandra @ 18
Neil said…
Morning, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning. People are the most precious thing on this good earth that God created and I'm sure that everyone who receives something from you is blessed by it. Hope you have a good week
Laurart said…
Happy WOYWW! What a wonderful post! I really identified with what you said because that is what my craft work is about - people. I make things for the people in my life and that is what I really hope for when they get those gifts - that they see how much I love them and what they mean to me. I hope your friends stay safe - I will be thinking of you and them. I have experienced a crisis or two, and you are right - normality is awesome at those times! Hugs xxx Laura #51
Jackie said…
your desk looks great and i see a ceramic rabbit full of stamps that looks lovely...it brought back a memory i have not thought of for maybe 30 years that i to had a blue one that i put cotton wool in and pulled it out of his bunny tail to use!!..........funny what evokes things for us ...take care
Jackie 12
Sunshine Girl said…
Lovely books you have there and you are right it is all about people and loved ones. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl No. 37
Julia Dunnit said…
I'm a sucker for a beautiful notebook..have to have it, on the basis that it deserves to be filled with stuff...and mostly that stuff is day to day normal stuff about or for the people in my life. Shopping lists, gift lists, addresses, birthday books..you got it. Great post. And your friend Victoria - strong in my thoughts.
Spyder said…
Love your note books thay are all very pretty and treasured creations Happy Crafting!
Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #42
Judie said…
gorjuss notebooks, hope your friend stays safe and well, thanks for the snoop

judie No - 70
Elizabeth said…
A short but beautiful post - a sentiment well put. Love your collection of notebooks ... I have a very similar collection too, filled with all sorts of information and lists, addresses and quotes, random thoughts and goodness knows what all else. I sometimes think life would grind to a halt if I didn't have a notebook by my side to note the important stuff of life. Hope you had a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #112
Maxam Made said…
Hi Neil, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! and yes I agree People are precious!
Have a great holiday!!
Nan G said…
Lovely notebooks. Blessings to you and your friend! Nan 93
Lucy said…
Nothing better than a good stack of notebooks. Makes me want to rummage through mine. Keep up the good work! x
ah praying indeed for all in troubled lands, your friend in Ashdod and friends of mine who are in Rwanda near where the fighting is on the Congo border the LORD is with them but we still can pray.. and yes so true the purpose of all we do in life is to be of use to the LORD and to others! thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #1

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