A great and inexpensive craft find!

I was in Rite Aide on Friday picking my Asthma inhaler and on the way to the pharmacy counter  I notice a sunbeam coming through a window and land on a shelf fill with bottles of the most beautiful colors!! The bottles turned out to be the most fabulous nail polish I have ever seen and at 12.50 a bottle it should have been!  I know I am cheap, but the last bottle of nail polish I bought I was 18 and it was 3.50 and it was top of the line from Charles Revson!  I went to the isle where the nail polishes were found and sure enough I found the house brand copy cat colors for .99!!!  I could just pictures dragon fly and butter fly wings, Ruby slippers, doing Faux cloisonné, all kinds of great stuff!

These came in tons of colors!!
here they are on paper:
These have a very neat affect when they are on paper, they are very glittery, but not like glitter, you only see the sparkle when the item it's on is moved!  Makes the affect even cooler!
This moth is colored and then coated with the gold sparkle, you really can't even see it in the picture, but in reality  it has a ton of sparkle!!  It  also give the image a lovely glossy coat!
I would highly recommend finding these polishes and trying them!

I made this swing card for a OSA swap using it:
It is two sided
The note would go on the left side of the hexagon and swing back unseen until you "open" the card.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and give a moment to give thanks for the freedom we have in this country, remembering it was dearly paid for.  As a military wife and mother I am reminded daily of the costs. I am twice thankful, for that freedom and for the ones I love to enjoy it with me!



lylacamaya said…
Love your post! Sorry I have not commented lately. I had problems with my old Google account and had to change it. I also bought a new home.

Happy Memorial Day to you and your family. I am a military daughter. DH & I are huge supporters of our military.

Nail Polish! I love it. I love to do nail art. I have a lot of nail polish. :) I am always using my polishes and nail tools in my paper crafts. I do buy the $12.50 polish, lol. It does behave differently than the cheaper polishes when doing nail art. My expensive polish hardly visits any of my paper projects. I never buy my expensive polish full price. ;)

I love the moth. -DeeAnn

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