I haven't posted in a week and a half, I've been busy, shifting through three states, taking care of my family, the everyday stuff and some really great things!  My daughter graduated from college today, with her BA in "ed" and "psych".  I was so proud of her, and  I actually got to find her out of 500+ grads, I was only about 200 feet from her (straight up in the civic center) during the long, long ceremony and we texted back and forth, boy was that fun.  She'd look at me and wave a tiny wave, just like she did in her elementary school plays, recitals and games. It was a sweet moment, here she is:
She's the first to graduate from college, Our oldest son will walk in June at Univ of Wash and youngest son will be saying goodbye to high school  and hello to Urshan Seminary School in St. Louis.
What a year this has been for my family!  Very soon it will be empty nest time.
While our kids will all be on their own in a few short months, we find the Lord making big changes to our lives, it looks like  Steve and I will be working much more in the Ministry. We are so excited about these changes. 
Just as exciting are the personal changes I am finding in myself daily, I feel like I am a different person than I was six months ago!  The stress and worry are gone, no more bouts of anxiety.  While  the external causes of much of that has worked itself through, as no season is forever, The big difference I find is a new level of Joy and Strength and Re-commitment in my walk with the Lord. I think this has happened because I followed the direction of an answer to prayer.  I asked the Lord for relief and he simply told me to get up early, as early as it takes and start my day with Him.  That the strength of the day came in the morning.  So I'm getting up early and spending that time with Him and I truly feel rejuvenated , physically, mentally, emotionally, physically and creatively, all that blessing because I made a small time change priority in my day!
I also started something that I have wanted to do for years, as small and humble as it is, the idea has intimidated me and kept me from doing it!  I've wanted to start a prayer journal.
I made the book using my Zutter punch, and I think If I end up making more of these I am going to look for a different tool, I am lousy at this!! Scripture stamp, chipboard, fussy cut papers and a lot of Mod Podge.  Inside I summed the Journal up:
And you can't read it from this photo!  So I will tell you, I am "Connecting the hand and the voice in praise to Jesus our Savior."   I want to log the thoughts, the designs and the WORD which I feel the Lord inspires me with!

The second page has my one of my first serious graphic attempts, 1996, windows 3.11 ( I skipped 95 and waited till 98 was out) .  I have one copy left.  This was a prize winner, and the prize was paper from Neenah.  But this particular work was what ignited my love for my Computer, I could do beautiful calligraphy.  I practiced and practiced by hand, but I just do not have the hand to put my vision in ink on paper. I learned to use my computer and boy did I use it!!

I hope to put lots more into this journal and I am so happy to have started this. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
Ginny M


Robyn said…
Dear one, I as so blessed with your openness about following the answer to prayer, urging uou to rise early and seek The Lord. There is no better time for me personally, than early morning. Further more, my genuine thanks to your husband for choosing service to country for a career. As a former service wife, I know the sacrifices you have made on a personal level. I am long since removed from those days, but reflect upon them when I read things that remind me of those days. Several of the blogs I read, are written by military wives. Takes me to younger days! May your future be richly blessed as you wait upon The Lord and serve him in ministry, side by side.

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