Print shop finds!!

Making friends with your local printer can be a big advantage to your card making and paper crafting!  Printers often take on  specialty jobs which include printing on high end papers; wedding invitations, announcements, programs and such.  They end up having reams of high-quality paper which are going to do nothing but take up premium shelf space in the shop!  I have a printer friend down the road from me and I am able to purchase for pennies on the dollar all kinds of fun and expensive papers! One such treasure was an accident, I was looking for a white 100 # card stock, Mark sold me about 500 sheets for 10.00.  I got the paper home and went to make a card and discovered my new cardstock was in  fact  100# sticker paper on one side and smooth on the other!!

 This paper is just the best, one side peels of and I use that to make homemade glue dots, the adhesive side is so strong I can it adheise paper or fabric to the card stock!! You can imagine how much fun this is!
Oriental Stamp Arts group is doing a “Napkin” swap, using a decorative paper napkin as the a surface on the card face. Using this form of "facing" can add a wonderful and unusual amount of color and design very simply! My Sticker paper made this very easy to do.  but you can due this with a tape runner or any form of dry adhesive.
Starting with a printed paper napkin!  These feels so stiff and scratchy I can't imaging using them as a napkin! Usually these have two layers, for this project you will only want the pretty printed top layer.
I cut my paper to the A6 size, I like a larger card so A6 and A7 are pretty standard for me.

 Paper is cut and scored  and napkins are peeled, I'm ready to attach the napkin on the sticky surface after I peel of the protective layer.
The sticky side has been placed on top of the wrong side of the napkin, this is the easiest way to make sure everything is nice and straight.  The excess is trimmed off with scissors and the card is folded .
Nice and smooth! ready for finishing!
Here is one of  the finished cards!  The focal image is a Art Neko stamp with Memento ink and Spectrum marker coloring.  I covered the  stamped surface with a layer of Modge Podge to give it a more painterly look.  Note to self, " Do Not Use modge podge with alcohol markers" they bleed!!  The swap is a 4-4 pluse an assortment of napkins, Fun Fun!!
Tomorrow is a big day, the Heirloom rubber stamp show will be in town!  It is a huge event for the entire weekend, I'm planning on taking lots of pictures to share!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!
Ginny M



Well done all around, Ginny just love it. Thrilled at your bargains too :D God is good all the time, love Shaz in oz.x
Mary R. said…
Wow...I would love to have some of that paper will you be buying some more let me know when you do ...yes god is good....


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