WOYWW# 204

Thanks for Stopping by, it is the world wide blog hop of What is On Your Workdesk Weds! This is week # 204!
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Last week I had a mystery and ALMO was the closest to solving it with the answer of Spectrum marker Storage!  Almo if you send me you r contact info I have a nice little present for you!!

As you remember I had a flood  three weeks  ago, Since I lost some crafty supplies in that flood I was able to make a claim along with that and some other  "loss" dollars ,  a really good sale at AC Moore, free shipping at Amazon and an awesome husband, I was able to purchase the complete set of Spectrum Noir Markers, all 168 of them. And a storage system!

This is also on the heal of another post of me blah, blah blahing about not having them and the expense of them.  I did thankfully say that if I had the opportunity (aka mula, mula) I wouldn't  mind getting a set.  Well thanks to the flood I did have the  $$, and I did get them and all I can say is it was love at first color.  And since you just can't have this giant set of pens rolling around the desk top  and they really need to be in some kind of order, Steve went on the web to find a storage system to house this in.  There is a nice one made for about 100.00 which houses each pen separately, but Steve didn't like the idea of that kind of money being spent on plastic.  So he found these great "cubbies" from Studio 3 Solutions.  Two cubbies will hold all the pens, I ordered four.

Great safe packaging,  the order shipped and I received within 5 days.
These cubbies are beautifully made out of wood and the self has a slight slant down to keeps things in place.  They look and feel like very quality items!
It took me about an hour to order the pens and put them in,
I emptied my other desk top containers and put those things in the other two cubbies

I have lots more room now on my desk and an efficient storage for my coloring tools
Now I have to learn how to use them!!  I've been watching tutorials in between  a trip to NY, A spaghetti supper, a day in the park with our NY cousin, getting all that laundry done with the new washing machine ( old one was trashed from the flood) and a great day yesterday                               in CT with my Mom.
One thing So far that I know that I love, is the pastels and they way the alcohol markers blend, this really does give me the beautiful soft colors of the pastels and                                                      flexibility of the water colors and pencils.
 I wish I had a brilliant example of my budding illustrator's art, but I don't, I've been too busy to use my new toys!!  That would be today, I need to crank out a lot of cards for a big order! So stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Candace said…
Love those storage units and your work space is lovely.

Have a great week

Candace #58
scrappyjen said…
that storage is brilliant! happy woyww jenx 90
Jackie said…
I remember reading about your flood
Pleased things have worked themselves out and you have some replacement iteams
Jackie 7
Ria Gall said…
what a great storage solution it looks so neat and tidy and so easy for you to access the pens when you need them. The flood must have been dreadful but it is nice to know you have had some good come out of it
Happy WOYWW and enjoy the rest of the week, I hope you get some crafting time
Ria #113

Winnie said…
Love your work space! Glad to see things are shaping up for you since the flood. Love your nice storage pieces! Fun color chart on your wall I spy! Greetings from Long Island NY! Winnie#78
Tamika said…
Those are the coolest copic storage and a nice place to make a mess in!
Saxo Stamper said…
Oh wow, what beautiful pens, all the colours and fabulous storage. Love your desk too

Karen number 131
WOW! Look at all those great colours. Lucky you!!! I have a small set of Spectrum Noir pens and really like them. Enjoy colouring :). Jules no57
Pallavi said…
You've got an amazing craft room! Love how its arranged and organized. I might have to invest in those cubes too! But I don't have many copics so I guess i'm ok for now :) Happy woyww
Kim's Creations said…
I love new stuff, exciting! I like your whole craft area very nice lots of fun stuff to play with. #112
Karen Ives said…
Dont your pens look pretty in that storage.
Karen #52
sara j said…
They look so glorious...just waiting for you like that. I could stare at them for hours! So sorry to hear of your misfortunes...doesn't sound at all fun. But I do know that something good comes from everything....and I bet it's more than these pretty markers!!
Sara j #22
Julia Dunnit said…
I was saying to Shopkeeper Gal only last night that I don't do well with just collecting a couple of things at a time, I NEED the whole range immediately, more because I hate to choose than through impatience! ...and here you are with a fabulous full set..deserved after the horridness of the flood, for sure! Steve's cubby finds are a dream..and genius idea with the away slope of the shelves. They just look fab....the fact that they invite you to use them is a real bonus!!
Maggie's Crafts said…
Your storage is superb! Love it!


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