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I guess one of the byproducts of having a happy busing life is at the same time feeling you are a little behind with things.  I'm a little behind with correspondence, card making for sale and  card making for correspondence. But that is okay because I have also  discovered that the new chapters that are opening in my life I am also not being so hard on myself, I am taking time to smell the Roses.  I have found that this is so wonderful and relaxing I have even more ideas flooding into my mind!!  I am about to tackle my list to do for the day, but before I do that I wanted share some of the days fun!  This Morning I made my  Journal entry:
I've been thinking and teaching about John 14:21-24, I teach teenagers and during class this week I asked them what were the commandments Jesus was talking about. Their first guess was the ten commandments, I told them that was very small part of it, we took a much bigger look at what the word love means and What Jesus was talking about.  I love teaching teenagers!
I have begun to play with my spectrum markers and I really like them!  This is totally new to me; marker coloring.
Next thing done today:
I made a couple dozen of these cards, on the back it says" I am the Truth the Light and the Way  Jn 6:14" they are my scripture calling cards, I leave them everywhere I go.  I use all kinds of stamps for these little cards, with one I used a flat image magenta stamp, some wonderful , blacker than black ranger ink called 213.  I picked this ink up 22 - 4oz bottles for 7.99!! It is an older product but it is WONDERFUL for flat stamps and the stamps text stamps I love to use.
I tried distress markers, loved the colors but to slow to use.
I ended up using distress reinkers, these worked great, I was able to do about 50 in half an hour.  What I learned about this was you only need the tiniest bit of reinker, one drop each of 3 colors was too much!!  This was a first attempt for me, next time I will know!
Back to the ink deal: this ink is not suitable for alcohol markers which is why I didn't use it in the cards.  Solvents are not healthy for alcohol markers!!!!!  But this is great for dyew based markers including the TH distress markers, water colors, pencils and chalk and best of all  BLACK  BLACK for my text stamps.
Last year I tried using india ink and that ended up being a fail - a result of the  evaporation causing the resin in the ink making  pad crusty.
These pictures are not showing the true blackness of this ink.  But it is the blackest of any product I have yet to use and it cleans up well from the stamps ( not from your hands though)

It is a solvent ink of some sort, I was not able to get much info about it. But it is super on all of the papers I have tried and superb on glossy!!

Steve and I had to run to the base for a short time and after I was treated to a great lunch at a local restaurant and then we went to Stamp and Scrap Nest in Simsbury CT and I picked up these lovely stamps!
I can't wait to use them!!  I am hoping to make cards to night and tomorrow morning for my card shop and the local shop I sell to as well as for some special people !!
Now don't forget to stop and smell the roses God has planted in your life, that is what they are there for!!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


So true Ginny every blessing dear one and His keeping through all our days, love Shaz in Oz.x

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