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Along time ago, starting in 1995 in Windows 311 ( I was rockin) I learned how to use a word processor and drawing software.  In 1996 I started making and what I call WORD Art projects, cards books, all kinds of things.  Now in 2013 and 5 computers later I have hundreds of digitized scriptures and books along with purchased images and free down loads PLUS my wonderful stash of Rubber stamps in scripture and sentiments.  The big project was getting them all organized, which I did this week.  I now have a physical and digital  catalog of all my scripture in rubber and Digi.  I have a electronic catalog of my all my work done in office word.  Both of these are backed up in three places.  This is almost 20 years of work, I don't want to take a chance of loosing it! This started as a pretty big mess with the physical catalog:
I printed all my jpg scriptures after I created a digital catalog.  Then I inked up all my 'Our Daily Bread Designs' stamps and cataloged them, Next all my other rubber scripture stamps, into the catalog.
I store all these stamps in this box it looks small but it isn't: there are hundreds in here.  This photo shows how I store the stamps and their indexes.  Not fancy but it works great!
Assembling - I need to watch a few more tutorial on the Zutter binder... 

Most of the holes were on the floor!
I won't win a book arts award with this, But I am so happy to have this done with room to grow!!
Here is the finished Catalog:
Simple and effective tool!!  If I don't know what I have how can I use it??
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!
Ginny M


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