A Simple Time Saver

I have a little time saving tip: Develop a system that works for you!
 Because I make lots and lot of cards, I like to keep everything as efficient as possible.  Even if I only made a few a week, I still like to keep things as smooth as possible.  Having a system frees me to be more creative. 

Part of my system of keeping the creative juices flowing is to have ready at hand, as much as possible, the components of card making. One thing  I do  is keep a small basket of card stock cut and ready for stamping :
In this simple little basket I have about a hundred pieces of card stock that I like to stamp on.  I have lots of bases cut, scored and folded, in all kind of papers with color and texture  ready to go.  Of course you aren't going to have a great deal of success stamping on a "laid" finish cardstock, but it will make a beautiful and interesting base! I have ready to use about five different smooth finish papers to stamp images on . This means I can cut in about  fifteen minutes enough stamping card stock for a hundred cards. 
If I am cutting a  8.5 x11 or  12x12, I am cutting only  into quarters.. I will adjust the size according to the card when I am making it. 
It is small and neat and fits at my desk perfectly! Now I can stamp away, without having to cut paper while I am stamping and coloring.
Working on a set of these gals for thinking of you notes.
A card I made today for a OSA challenge:

I hope you all are having a nice weekend and get some crafty time in!
Ginny M


lylacamaya said…
I love your system. I love the girl stamp. I have a bunny on my desk too that looks like yours.

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