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Friday, June 7, 2013

A great Day

We had a great day, our youngest Son Steve graduated with Honors from High School.  It will be a couple more decades before we have another high school graduation - If we have grand's some day.
Our oldest isn't too far from 30, middle child 25. It has been a lot of years going  to schools!
We held our breath with all of our teenagers, they are wonderful, fun, scary, rewarding years. 

Next week Oldest son graduates from University of Washington.  We are blessed
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


lylacamaya said...

Congratulations to your DS! I wish him much success and happiness in his adult life.

Davi said...

Congratulations to your son Ginny! Glad to hear you joined the TTSTV team, looking forward to working with you ;) davi

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