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It is once again WOYWW #212, time for a world wide Blog hop of creative work desks!  You can go here To Julia's lovely Blog to pick up the hop: http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/, Grab a cuppa  and enjoy!!
I've been very busy with life the last two weeks and it being in the 90's  so for the last two days I've taken a little break from card making.  Sometimes pulling away form a task can help you reenergize and regroup.
 I have a friend that produces Stunning cards, time after time and she has decided to sell all her supplies.  Why, because it is time for her to move on in her life, and where she is moving to there is no time and no space for this craft.  It is a firm decision in her creative life to close one door and open another and I applaud her. Some people becomes slaves to their craft, it owns then in the way of time and money,  physical space and emotional real estate.  I can't stress enough the importance of finding balance in every area, especially for women who have so  many demands in their  every day.

The first Place I find my balance in the short term and the long term is the Word Of God , or in non church talk - The bible.  It's words are life and light and I need it every day.  In these uncertain times, it is certain.  If you don't read it and are interested, start with the book of John in the Gospels, it will answer so many questions you may have and bring you hope and peace.

                               On my work desk ( my computer work desk)  I found some wonderful new fonts at the site DaFont.com.  These are in the calligraphy section and are free, there are many, many to choose from.  I have been using this site since the 1990's and have never had a problem.  I use these beautiful fonts in my card making and calligraphy art work.

On My regular work desk, just a small task.  Getting ready to color a few swallow tails for upcoming cards!

Tonight I will be going out with three wonderful women whom I have been friends with for 30+ years!  That is a long time, a lot of life, a lot of good, bad and ugly. We all love the Lord and His word as well as each other.  Friendships; one of the great treasures of life!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the hop!
Ginny M                       


lylacamaya said…
Congratulations to your friend. I hope her move brings her new wonderful memories and beautiful adventures.

I just recently went through this. I have never been a slave to my craft. I am good at balancing things. I am grateful for that. I bought a home and it changed everything for me. I had new things I wanted to do like decorate my new home. :) Design a beautiful garden and start doing heavy investing. I am still doing my art. I am actually creating more than I ever had. My change was my new home keeps me so entertained I found new balances. I stopped posting at a lot of my favorite forums. I don't miss it. I stopped stuying what is going on in the craft world. CHA is next month I am not interested.
I am more happy and creative than ever. I look forward to the time I go to my craft studio every night.

I hope you had a lovely time with your friends. I like the M&M's on your desk. :)
Anne said…
Thanks for sharing your fonts and beautiful butterflies! We just need to get a printer before mine can flutter off! Always love your work dear Ginny and I am glad you are finding a little time for yourself. I know from Shaz how busy you are and the demands on your time. Enjoy!xxx #70
Hi Ginny ah what fun your haing today andyes would love toknow how you sue the fonts do you save them into Word doc.? I have Word 2003 and when have tried before it did not work, so not sure how you do it?

I have formatted greeting frequently but only with Word fonts...? just dont get the otehr...

ah yes balance having that constantly right in life is well nigh impossible!!
.. without the wisdom that comes from above, it is impossible, but "with God all things are possible".. including getting our priorities right..

love and happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x
Lindsay Weirich said…
I can't imaging giving up my art! But if it is a chore she needs another hobby, you have to want to do it, if not what's the point1 Love your colored pencil storage, did you make that? Happy WOYWW!
Ginny said…
Hi Ginny, I wrote about the same topic this week. When you need a break, its important to take it. We all need balance in our lives and we need to take care of ourselves. I am off to look into the fonts that you wrote about. Thank you for the information and have fun tonight with your friends. (Ginny # 15)
~Rasz~ said…
Hi Ginny! Thanks for your wonderful words of advice for crafters. And yes, the Word can bring answers and guidance every day! Would you believe that the first thing I saw on your desk was the M&Ms! I have been on an M&M craving for about 2 months. I am now down to 1/2 a bag a day but they are almost always on my workspace too! Happy WOYWW! Rasz #127
trisha too said…
Beautiful butterfly images--and good friends are such a blessing, yes?

#144 this week with
a mess and a love apple

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