Ahhhh Friday

It is Friday!  But then this week has felt like a week of Fridays!!  I'm having a hard time shifting out of vacation mode!!  Here in Western Ma I'm starting to see color changing in the leaves already!  It is subtle but it is changing!!  When we were in CNY two weeks ago, it was noticeable there already!!

It Friday and on Fridays' Marks 'Finest Papers and Stamps hold a tutorial challenge on their speedy TV site.  There's lots of interesting thing going on at Speedy TV!  if you enter todays' tutorial challenge you might even win a free stamp set!!

This weeks' Challenge is a 'Magic Slider Card'  If you like interactive cards, you are going to love this one!!

Here's my entry:

Give this one a try it is lots of fun!!

I've been busy working on getting Healthier, in every way.  I've been on a craft spending fast -   for 60 days, Today is day 44!!  My success rate is pretty good, I've bought two small things in the last 44 days.  My dear husband thinks I should start the 60 days over from the last oopps.  I think not!!
So I have 16 more days to go!!  Now it is easy!  It isn't like I need anything, I am very blessed to have tons of stuff! With the craft spending it can be very easy to just keep buying, because there are always more great products being offered!!  The industry creates an appetite and we feed it. 
I need to get back to a schedule however I haven't been blogging quite as much, it has been to beautiful out to stay in!!

I'm back to 90% whole foods cooking and that has helped the weight loss and back to they gym 5x a week.  We have a the wonderful privilege of using the military gym on the local Base.  It isn't the one Steve works on but it is 3 miles from the house and we go all the time.  I know the sound of using a military base gym, seems like it would be full of young beefy airmen and no place for a middle aged lady.  well actually when I go early in the morning or later at night with Steve it is full of 40+ folks working out, it is very inspiring!  The equipment is the best, there is a steam room and sauna, Private showers.  The cleaning staff go in 2x a day and do a deep cleaning ( they have to because of the risk a MRSA on a base, and everyone is so friendly and positive!   I've lost 14 lbs since 7/1. I will post a before and after picture soon...  I'm feeling really good!

Steve and I felt very strongly if we didn't get rid of the extra pounds and get fit now we might never!  Using the gym is a resource God has put in our lives.  We've been going off and on for the last 10 years but we struggle with a busy schedule and keeping our weight in check.  I started running at 48.  Not real far and not fast, but I could do 5 miles, with my asthma and bunions that was a real accomplishment.  I'm back a .75 of a mile now.  It is a start! I have 31 more pounds to loose.
Lot of things I am reaching for right now, But hey what a great time in my life!!  Now I can do these things!!

Here is a great bread recipe, perfect for over ripe bananas!  it is healthy too! of course healthy means one slice a day, not the whole loaf and you will want to eat the whole loaf!!  This is my recipe and everyone loves this!!

Fruit Nut Bread
Large Loaf pan, lined with parchment paper (I love using parchment for baking, it makes a big difference!!) If you can use organic that would be great!!

Mix together in a small bowl:
4 TBS  veg Oil
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
Whip lightly

In a medium bowl mix

2.5 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1 cup brown sugar
2.5 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

In a food processor or chopper (I use my small bowl on a Ninja Mixer for this - works perfectly!)
small hand full of Pecans, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds. toss in the dry mix

next in chopper:
Small and full of dried fruit to equal about a cup. I use
Dried cherries, dates, raisins, cranberries. toss that in the dry mix.

Next I add the wet mix to the dry mix and two bananas ,
Mix really well and pour into the loaf pan.
Bake 1 hour 10 min at 350.  Use a cake tester to make sure it is done.

This is really just the best sweet bread I have ever had, yu can use white flour, but the whole wheat is delicious and much better for you!

To save time, I make "batches" of this mix ahead of time.  each dry portion goes in a zip lock and then I store it in the freezer.  When I need a bread, I mix up the "wet" ingredients and then add the dry.

I keep in my pantry all kids of dried yummy fruits and nuts for breads and cereals.  I have found Costco to have the best pricing on fruits and nuts.  I don't buy any chips or sodas or "junk" food and because I don't spend the $$ on that I have the $$ to spend on the good stuff!
Atlanticspice.com is a wonderful place for purchasing panty items and spices!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day , while you are at it, take a look at the resources you are blessed with and ask yourself, I am I taking advantage of them?? If not, now is a great time to start!!
Ginny M


Lagene said…
Your Magic Slider card is Gorgeous! & Thanks for that yummy fruit/nut bread recipe!
Jane said…
Beautiful card!!! Thanks for sharing the bread recipe with us. Sound really good!!!
Stampsnob said…
The butterfly is so impressive on your lovely card...........Lis
Davi said…
Gorgeous card Ginny, love the butterfly with it! Very inspiring pep talk... I too am getting on the healthier walk, so easy to let things slide, not as easy to start again at this age but Im also determined:)
Pat Garvin said…
Beautiful butterfly. Great paper on your blog background.
Pam said…
Super, beautiful! That is one incredible butterfly!
Pam said…
Super, beautiful! That is one incredible butterfly!

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