Friday again, where is the summer flying off too?

Does the summer seem like it is whipping by to you too? Did  you know it is only 137 days till Christmas?  I better get cracking on my Christmas cards!!!

In The mean time it is Friday and that means Tutorial time over at Speedy Fox TV!  This week we have a great little tutorial on how to make a 'Tip Card'!!  these are very easy and fast to make and you can use up scrap paper!   I always leave an encouraging scripture card when I leave a tip so this was a very useful Item for me.

Long time ago, I used to wait on tables and I can tell you I was left all kinds of things some good some not good.  I have a special place in my heart for people who make their living waiting on tables!  One Sunday, before I became a Christian I had a party of 13, it was a local pastor and his family and guests.  Let me tell you  I worked so hard for this group, kids, elderly, everyone needed something special that meant I had to keep running, the bill in 1979 came up to $194.00 ( I still remember!) this party stayed for over 2 hours.  I needed every penny I earned to keep my rent paid and lights on (waitress made 2.10 and hour back then, we worked for tips!  I was happy thinking I really gave them out standing service and everyone was very happy, I'd make a great tip, especially since he was a pastor.  They left and I went to pick up my tip, excitedly.  Well  there was no tip. all that work, all that running around, all those heavy dinner plates running back and forth for this and that and they stiffed me.  He did leave me a little pamphlet on the tip tray.  The pamphlet on the out side said " What do you have to do to go to Hell" I was so mad, but I opened it up anyway and there was nothing in it. I turned it over and all it said was "That's right all you have to do - Nothing".  I was so mad, he  stiffed me and scared me!!  What kind of evangelizing was that!! 

So now I leave a encouraging verse about the Love of god and His mercy and a really good tip! I'm pretty sure that is what Jesus would do! 

No I can do it with a little more style!  Here is may tip cards:

Funny Thing, I didn't have any cash on hand to photo with this!!!
Go on over to SpeedyTv, try this out, post your creation and you might even win a stamp set!
Don't for get to leave a great tip next tip some one serves you!!
Ginny M


Pat Garvin said…
LOve the butterfly. They all look great. Hate to tell you but waitresses only make about 4.50 now.
Katie Wenger said…
Fun Fun...what a great 'Tip' it
Davi said…
A very pretty tip holder Ginny! I also have great respect for servers. Lousy witness that pastor was!
Lagene said…
Super COOL Tip Holders, this was fun!
Jane said…
Really cute and a nice idea to add a small sentiment too.

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