We Are Back!

We had a really great time, 4 days to ourselves and 4 days spent with friends and family!
We spent a lot of time walking and foot touring, miles and miles and miles!  We wanted this to be a healthy time for us.  Sometimes a week of traveling can make a person feel a little toxic so we ate very lightly and drank gallons of water.  We wanted this to be a real time of refreshing and it was.  Steve did have his class but there was lots of time in betweena nd we stayed in arling ton for an extra day to sight see.   We still have  a few days left of vacation time and we will be on the go locally and then next week back into the swing of regular schedules.

I felt so energized and inspired when we got home, I re-organized my kitchen! I am going to start making my own bread and pasta again, the closets got cleaned out today, I washed drapes.  It just felt so good to be home!

I smashed my phone in the Smithsonian, so I don't have a lot of photos, some are mine some belong to mr. googel.

We walked a 4 mile loop at Arlington National Cemetery.  I have to say I was not prepared for the hugeness of this cemetery.  It was so beautiful and so sad.  The changing of the guard of the unknown solider was something and to think they preform this every 30 minutes no matter the weather.....
From Arlington we walked to the mall , crossing  over the beautiful Potomac river into DC.

 You can't believe how many walkers and bicyclers there are in the  Dc area!! It was a hike and by the time we walked around the mall we felt pretty cooked!


 By the time we got to the Smithsonian castle, we'd been walking in the sun about 4.5 hours and thought taking the subway back to Arlington and an air-conditioned hotel room was an Awesome idea!!!

Saturday we went to Lancaster PA to met with our friends for lunch and a little more foot touring.
We went to Amish Country. Ate  and shopped it was fun!

Lots of Buggies , and Lots of Mennonite driving!
We learned that the Mennonites did drive Cars.

Loved the spice shop!
Our friend Paul and my sweetheart Steve,
We left PA and headed for Steve's hometown Clinton NY
Clinton is a great town in in Central NY.  I am very blessed to not only have a wonderful husband and best friend but to have married into a wonderful big  family.
Hope you all are having a great week!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
Glad you had a restful and refreshing time!
Davi said…
Wohoo Ginny sounds like you had a fabulous time and saw lots of beautiful sites :)

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