I've been very busy organizing my digital art work this week.  I've gone through my computer with a fine tooth comb relocating photos, organizing files, cleaning out duplicates.   I printed out a font book, I redid all of my Word templates - for my ministry work and my card making.  I think I actually know where everything is now and It's all backed up. 
If you have ever had a computer crash, you know how devastating it can be to loose your work, years of it! 
 In the mid 90's my new computer gave me a program called 'AmiPro' by Lotus. 
Ami Pro gave me the ability to do what my hands and brain, even after years of practice could not do: calligraphy and spelling. I still play with my pens and inks, but when there is work to do, I hit the keyboard. Two decades later I have I have thousands of hours of creating behind me and hopefully thousands more before me! I strongly suggest that if you are hesitant in using your computer as an art tool that you begin to explore it's possibilities, it is a tremendous resource literally at you finger tips!!! 
Two of this weeks creations are swaps for Oriental Stamp Arts.
This is a card for the February ACE swap - water lily and pink theme:
The hanging flowers have a little bit of pink glitter on them. I love the background stamp on this card, like so many Asian motifs it is multi directional.
These cards are for the Peacock Swap:
The is a technique that I really love, I did a tutorial last August  for a company I was DT'ing for.  I'm not into things that make you crazy while you create, This is simple and very elegant (I think). Give it a try, most likely you won't have to purchase anything new!!
I hope your week is going well and that you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Jan Castle said…
STUNNING cards Ginny! Have to say you are certainly organized....can you come to my house??????

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