Boy is it cold here!

Okay I am ready for Spring!!
But in the mean time I'm cooking and stamping and walking Luke through the snow!
Today I've mailed of a card swap to OSA this one is a 4/4 and the Theme is 'Year of the Horse'
These cards took two tries.  I started with a Magenta stamp that I love:

This stamp is a pain to use, like so many magenta stamps, I have however come up with an ink and paper combination that works pretty well, The mess you see to the right of the stamp is an ink spray spill, what a disaster! I use an old ranger solvent ink (called 213) and a specialty photo offset paper. This combo works great especially when your refill ink bottle doesn't rain ink everywhere except on the pad!
Next getting a good impression, another challenge with these jumbo Magenta stamps!

Best I could get with my big block rocking stamp mount which is normally the best tool!  Resorted to remounting the stamp onto it's wood block (yes I saved it!) and using my speed ball press!

Finally a good impression!  and I didn't have to run the stamp over with my front tire!
I worked with these images to come up with something and no matter what I did I didn't like it for this swap!
I know, bad photo but these images weren't going anywhere.
So I started over again
This Time it worked right from the start with out any ink explosions!!
This is a digital image I worked up and printed on watercolor paper
A background design from Shery K Designs, I did the coloring
For the finished card I added silk turquoise thread with silver thread, hand stamped Kanji  - Peace, Love and hope - I named the three horses!
The purple background is for
the swap hostess.

The first set of card I worked on for about 4 hours, the second set took and hour and were very enjoyable to make!
Thanks for stopping by and if you like snow visit, come and visit me!!
Ginny M



Jan Castle said…
Don't you just hate it when it takes sooooo long to do the first least the rest go faster! They did turn out well, so guess you feel it was worth the time!
Shelly Schmidt said…
You make such beautiful cards! Love the image and the background paper is lovely!

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