Seed Cards and scripture download ables

I whipped up a favorite project of mine last night that I wanted to share.   I call these seed cards.  I call them this because I leave them all over the place; just a simple card with an encouraging scripture on it.  No contact info, no doctrinal instructions, just a verse to encourage and I hope reach out to someone and bless.  I usually, make them a little more elaborate, with rubber stamping and coloring.  I need a batch for myself and one for a friend who loves this idea too!  The bible says to broad cast the Word, which means in our language to scatter, to plant, a seed. The Word does not go out void so I don't have  to attach my personality of my faith to it, it just needs to get into someone's hands and then into their heart.

I  used two sheets  of DCWV cardstock from a mat stack and glued them wrong side together, I pressed  them under a half dozen other mat stacks. This gave me a very nice base weight card.
I tried to pick masculine and feminine papers.

These cards are standard ATC size 2.5 x 3.5, I think this is the perfect size for this !   After glueing the 12x12 sheets I cut them into size and then placed them under the stacks for pressing.  While the Glue was drying I worked up scriptures in word and then turned them into PNG files in Project point ( a nifty trick Steve showed me!!).

I cut the scriptures out and then glued them to the cards.  Sometimes I print directly and sometimes I used rubber stamps.

 I am posting them here and Please feel free to down load and use any way you like!!



Here are my cards, Like I said these are simple but they are very pretty!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you join me in "seeding"!!
Ginny M


Marilyn said…
Thank you for sharing these with us. I would like to make some.
Mary R. said…
Giny , wow !! I love this Idea too , take care god bless you and your family.\

PS I couldnt down load them ,:((
Anne said…
What a wonderful idea and they are so beautiful too! I shall have to get my thinking cap on! I have no idea about png'll have to come over with Steve and show me!!!!!!!!!!!
Tangela Brown said…
Love this idea! And will definitely begin "seeding"!!! Love you Ginny
Wonderful idea Ginny... thanks so much for sharing will email for a download file of them. God bless your Lords day too.. ours is here... must get ready. On my mobile :) Shaz in Oz.x
Myrna said…
You touched my heart today with your seed cards and the scripture at the top of your blog spoke very loudly to my heart today. (going through a rough patch)
I love this idea and hope you won't mind if I use it.
Also I notice the glue you are using is Aileens but I couldn't see what it is called. The stores here don't seem to carry the repositional Aileens glue so was curious.
Thank you for sharing, both your faith and your files.

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