WOYWW#252 and a freebie

Yep it is that time!  Start here at lovely Julia's blog In The UK.  
Have a peek at what Crafty people  are doing all over the world!
My desk today is in a state of rest for the Morning:  Because last night I was able to finish about one dozen swaps.   I try to have my  swap out on the first or second day after the partners listings go out. This usually takes the better part of an afternoon for me and then my room needs to be tidy'd.  When I get going, it's a total mess.  When I am done it all goes back, it has too. My craft room is not large and I can't stand clutter, it totally hinders my creative process.

After the fall out not too bad:
I did make a batch of these cute cards to go with my swaps.  I love this painting  of the young woman writing. When my daughter was 7 years  I had a 8x10 canvas transfer of this image ( I worked for an art reproduction company) on my desk and she thought that it was me! It does look a bit like me 20 years ago, I think if I wanted a representive image of my self it would be of me at a desk writing. 
The card is 3.5 x2.5 ATC size, I used my new cricut to cut the background layer.
Here a helpful tip:  Liquid hand sanitizer is terrific for cleaning your clear acrylic blocks!!
At the end of my stand up desk area, I have a new system:
These are my odd size papers that I want to use. 12x6, 8x8, 7x10 and a few 6x6 pads.
These are papers that I am using to make journals and books with.
The front three boxes are holding a project that I need to finish this afternoon, 13 journals for Secret Sisters - a little project I am launching for the next two months in my Church.
My hope is to eventually use these beautiful papers up.  I think what inspires me most is color and pattern, having the papers out and visible or perusable gets the creative juices flowing!
I'll leave you with this freebie for today!!
Have fun on the rest of the hop and thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M


The mess isn't so bad today, I can still see some empty spots of your work desk. More room for happy mess! Although, like you said, you do have to clean it all afterwards... Bummer. Beautiful image, thanks for the freebie! Happy WOYWW wishes to you, Wendy #94
Julia Dunnit said…
Actually Ginny, that is a beautiful way to stack store and display all in one...and I agree, inspiring to have them in your line of vision. Thirteen journals for this afternoon? mean, II need to learn some time management skills from you!
fairy thoughts said…

y goodness you are super busy at the moment. your snippet boxes are so colourful and Im sure they are inspiring
janet #7
Jan Castle said…
I totally understand...my desk is in the middle of several projects...so a mess! Can't wait to tidy up again!!!!
Eliza said…
I don't like mess either but hey as an artist we have to create mess. I am with you I now have to clean up after I'm done otherwise I feel messy myself. Love the way you have sorted your papers, a sure way to use them up for sure. Have a great crafting week and Happy WOYWW

Eliza & Yoda 36
Chrysalis said…
Hi Ginny - just visited your blog for the first time, and have requested to join the FB group - what a lovely idea. Talking of lovely ideas, I love the system for sorting papers - I'll set one up of my own, just as soon as I reclaim use of my craft room, when Mum (90) moves to a downstairs bedroom. Have a great week, Chris 53
ah Ginny what an amazing array.. and love the freebie.. great blog a real inspiration was interested to read of hand sanitizer too might need to get some! Shaz in Oz.x ps asked to join your Facebook card group as have done a card on Wed post to put up..
peggy apl said…
I enjoyed my peek at your wonderful craft area! Nice and organized but busy and creative.
That's a lovely image!
Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@19

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