Be Still, challenge, and freebie

Word  Art Wednesday is having it's weekly challenge and offering a beautiful scripture at no cost   to download,  
The Verse is Psalm 46:10:  Be still and know that I am God
It is one of my favorites and one I have clung to many times over the decades of my life.  

I made this card to enter into the challenge

I choose a Bamboo because I could think of nothing more apparently still while growing at an unbelievable rate.  I witnessed  bamboo  growing wild near where I lived many years ago on the border of Mexico.  It is a tremendously strong plant, I saw it weather floods, and hurricanes bending till it was flat on the ground, a few days after the storms it would be straight and many feet higher.   One particular grove of it became a refuge for people crossing the river, this plant was so thick and lush it became a massive complex of rooms and paths cut into it. 
 The secret of the Bamboo's strength  is water, the more it consumed the stronger,                denser and taller it became.

Jesus is the Water of Life

I would like to be like Bamboo,  to be still and know my God is in perfect control.  To Drink in the Water of life and rise up in beauty and strength, to be a refuge to those that are going from the known of the life of this world to the unknown life in the kingdom and family of God.

Here is how I made the card:

The image - please feel free to download and use:

a patterned paper from one of my chopped stacks.,  I set a few templates on my desktop to making printing easier.  This image I printed on the 6x6 patterned paper

then worked it with a little glitter glue as a paint:

Here is the card:
I took two photos one with flash and one without, so that you can see the subtle glitter:

Be Still and Know That He Is God
Thank you for stopping by I hope you have an awesome day!
Ginny M


Ooooo YUM!!!! Love it Ginny. .. wonderful verse is fav pf mine too have it on my computer desk. Wonderful share. Love you for your generous heart.
Shaz in Oz x
Shelly Schmidt said…
One of my absolute favorite Bible verses too! Loving your card- and I have never heard of that glitter spray- but it sure adds a pretty look to your card! Beautiful Bamboo image- thank you : )
Fabulous job once again, Ginny. Thanks so much for sharing with us, and have a blessed week.
Word Art Wednesday

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