Paper orgainzations

I don't know if you have certain things that are more important to you than others in your craft room but I am a paper junkie.  The papers inspire me!   
I am always trying to find better storage for the papers.  Last year I cut about 45 stacks into 6x6 pads and that was the best idea!! Out of the 45 stacks I have probably used 35 in my card making and other PC projects.  Key for me is knowing what I have and keeping it accessible .  

After cutting my stacks into 6x6's I put them each in a cellophane bag and then in a ordered drawer.  This makes it very easy to find a type of paper.  Everything is labeled in the drawer and easy for me to get to!!

Masculine                                       Feminine
Easy for me to find what I am looking for !  I have 6 drawers of these packets!

Here is one of my "chops" in its little baggie, neat and protected, plus if I have a good size piece I put it back in with the pad.

 +I used this packet to make my blog cover card:

I keep a small basket  on the corner of my desk of the papers I want to get into and make cards:

I thought I'd share this system with you all as it has really helped me with my card making!
Thank you for stopping by!!
Ginny M


Love your system, and beautiful card too, sis - thanks for sharing. Shaz in Oz x
Carolyn said…
My craft area is the exact opposite. Just try and find what you want to work on. I know I waste a lot of time searching for just the right paper and image. Please come and organize ME!
Sherry Heier said…
Such an AWESOME idea Ginny!
Jan Castle said…
Oh to have the space to do this further organizing!!! My studio is the Laundry Room - small but very workable - the majority of my patterned and Washi paper supplies are in The hall linen closet (7' long by 12" deep and in plastic dividers by color) or the garage in cabinets by solid color stored by Rheam in metal dividers). This part works well and I can find exactly what I want....BUT, all the paper packs small and large are definitely a problem as they are stored in the garage on shelving....your system would really work for me there!!!! First I need more storage space!!! LOL! Thanks for the system idea Ginny...if I ever get more space!
Mehrll said…
You are so organized. No wonder you get so much done. I have just rearranged my craft area and things are much easier to get to, but my papers are not so organized. Thanks for the help.
MariLynn said…
Great system for your paper. I spent almost a week organizing my scraps of paper this summer. I ended up sorting mine more by color than by design. Before I started, if you had asked me if I needed MORE paper the answer would have been a resounding "yes", but after all those days organizing I decided I had enough for now.
Mary R. said…
Great system for your have there my dear friend as you know we all always needs paper no matter what we do I love the way you do your paper and the way you do your first one in the bag it tells what it will make Thank you for sharing with us , god bless

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