Every July I start my new planner for the up coming year, this year I am doing a 15 month calendar.  I decided to go with a bigger format in an effort to keep up with my growing birthday lists and card events.

 I switched from a smaller 5x7 format and went to a big A4 size!

Originally I printed  calander from a microsoft template, and was very excited it when it only took two hours and 70 sheets of 40# paper.  THEN I noticed it was for 2012!  I decided 20.00 for a new pretty one was worth the investment!

I plan how many birthday/occasions cards I need about a month ahead of time, having all the birthdays and occasions marked in the calender makes this easy
my average month averages about 60 birthday cards alone!!

On the Daily pages I note everything I mail out of here, cards, packages, sales, it all; gets logged.
some of this counts at tax time. 

If you participate in swaps and challenges and have pen pals around the world, this type of organization becomes invaluable!!

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Ginny M


Mm that many birthdays in one month, eeek!!!. That many in a year would be too many. Love Shaz.x
Eliza said…
It is a really pretty planner and this is how i used to do my cards, I go through and sort everything out in January and then get my act into gear and start the creation process, like you, trying to stay on top of things. Although now I have minimized my list as it was far too big. I also work on a financial year planner starting and finishing in the middle of the year, I don't like having to deal with 2 planners around Christmas when we tend to be a mid manic.

Thanks for sharing it is always interesting to see how others do too.

Hugs Eliza

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