shopping in old Summervill!

While the kids were at work today, Steve. And I hit the road to check out the older parts of town. We had a great lunch, and walked around and talked to local shop owners. The folks down here are friendly And seem to be more relaxed than New Englanders, maybe when it is 95degrees out with 98 percent humidity. That is the only way to be! I have A few new regional recipes to share after we get home that we loved!!

 While there isn't a stamp or scrap store within 100 miles, there is a super joanns that has to be the nicest I have ever been in.  Nothing exciting for stamps, but they did have a great paper sale! Here is what I picked up:


I have never seen this one before, it had a published date o 2013. There were two, I grabbed them both

Thought I would share the booty! I hope you are having a great day!
Ginny M


A great blessing Ginny.
Safe travels Shaz in Oz x
Sherry Heier said…
Glad to hear that you are having fun! What an AWESOME stash!!LOL
Eliza said…
Hi Ginny,

What a brilliant collection of stacks, I have that Mariposa one and love it to bits. How on heavens earth do you cope without a craft shop nearby? I would go insane. Mind you I have never been to Joanns before as we don't have them here in Australia. Gosh you are really going to have some crafting fun using those papers.

Hugs Eliza
Jan Castle said…
Great finds Ginny...I have a few of the same sets and they are wonderful!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the Mariposa and Far East!!!

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