Thursday, July 31, 2014

Journal for a friend

I was asked on Saturday to make a journal for a  mutual friend going through a serious illness.
 It went out in the mail today.

I am learning / practicing conservation book binding, it is something I hope to get really good at some day and do it on a commission basis for Maxam Made and for local printers and artisans.  But for this project because of the time constraints I went with an wire binding.

I made this 8x10 size and used 60# watercolor like  paper  so that this really would be an all purpose journal.
I used a Mariposa Stack as this friends favorite color is Orange and I wanted to be really cheerful

This is the cover

I added pages with pockets

One of the pockets I added a lot of the scrap pieces for her to incorporate.

Hopefully this will be a blessing! She has a tough road ahead , the journal came with love and prayer!

I hope you are having a great day!
Thank you for stopping by
Ginny M


  1. Beautiful!!! She is so Blessed to have a special friend like you!

  2. Gorgeous! Such a wonderful gift made with love and care and sent with a prayer. How much better could it get?

  3. A very thoughtful gift filled with love and caring. I wish her well.

  4. wonderful indeedy!!!
    Ah, sis love the butterflies..
    .... and so good to see more folks commenting is thrilling :D
    hugs Shaz
    PS go to drs in Syd on Monday for day tests and check up :D flight in morn and evening back again

  5. How wonderful, I am sure she will love it, this is one of my all time favorite paper packs.

    Hugs Eliza