Color "rests" and Card making

 One thing that is very important with card making, because our canvas is quite small,  is that the eye needs places to rest.  With Color these resting space take milliseconds to happen.  The resting space allows time for the mind to process color and pattern the result is a feeling of pleasing design.  Look at the following cards as a simple example:
                                               I randomly grabbed a paper stack to make this example,                                             I wanted this to be a spontaneous card making, not a propped example 
This card is 5x7

I adapted a sketch pattern to fit this card

My first card layout without using a solid color , great patterns, it is nicely balance, but something looks not quite right, a little dull?

Next layout I used black to “frame” each paper and give the eye “rests”
Nothing fancy just simple straight layers

This is a seemingly small thing but it makes a big difference! The black frame not only gives the eyes "rest" it creates something to tie four busy patterns and a dramatic image together! I chose black for this card but I do use other colors, I just make sure they are darker than the body of the paper I am framing.  If I am framing a solid color, I almost always use black or white, for high contrasts.

I did add a bow for this card for interest.  I made this card for a young male birthday card.  

This is such a simple step, try making a card with and without the "rests" and See for your self!!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are have a great weekend!!
See you next week!
Ginny M


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