The Blog Giveawy, given away

Hello everyone I had the opportunity to deliver the blog giveaway prize in person last night when the winner, Darlene LeGrange  came over to be a part of my Cards For Troops fundraiser (admission was postage!)

Here she is!

Darlene is a new card maker so all of these supplies will really come in handy! I'm hoping since she is just across the state line we'll be able to get together and make cards and just have fun!!

If you like to take a peek at my card party, go to my personal blog Maxam Made


What a blessing for her and what a joy for you to be able to meet her! Wonderful! Congratulations to both Darlenes...!
woohoo well done Darlene! does the LORD pick well?? He knew .. great draw indeedy :D Shaz in Oz.x

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