Digital elements and card making

Today I want to share something exciting in the Digital world that can be incorporated into your card making! Back in 2008-2009 a craze called digital scrapbooking became very popular, It still is and I've heard it may eventually overrun real paper and glue. I’m not a scrapper so I don’t know about that, what I do know is that genre has opened up a wonderful tool for my card making. 
There are MANY internet sites  that offer these elements for free or at a very low cost  Two of my favorites and
These digitals are called “textures, kits, overlays, elements, illustrations, labels” and a plethora of other things all sounding like I knew I should have taken that Photoshop class!

The difference in these elements is that the are imposed on a transparent background – which means you can overlap (overlay) the images  to create a unique image from the original element. .
 Unlike a straight graphic file which has a opaque background

Working these images requires only an intermediate level of skill with your computer 
\Here are two  examples of a Digital overlay:  

You can also re-size and recolor in your software!

Here is a simple card I made 
using a simple image I made using direct printing:
My initial 

My 60 second card, 30 seconds to print, 30 second to embellish:

Here are two more cards  cutting and building:

Fristly your purchase/acquire the
set you would like to use:
They will have covers:

Pick your elements:

Re-size for your card

Print, cut and assemble
The card:

Here is one a bit more complicated:



The finished product:

 The color is off on this , but your you get the idea!

Digitals are another awesome tool in or creative treasure chest.  It does require developing skill  with your computer, But I think it is well worth the effort!  Long time ago we were astounded by the new trick of heat embossing, it took practice but we got it!  By the way, Heat embossing came from the printers world,  Art and Ink in any medium is Awesome!!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ,
Have a great day!
Ginny M


Great post sis... love the clocks :) Shaz in Oz x

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