Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Setting up templates

Yesterday I posted about using digitals, today I want to mention setting up a system of word processor templates to make your card making very efficient. 

I use Microsoft word as my word processor, long time ago I used a program called AmiPro and I loved it because it was so flexible! It was released in 1988 and I started using it in 1994.  This was a Lotus product and the first fully functional windows word processor.  Today it is totally outdated and not even on the market – so sad because Word still can’t so what it did for the Creative writing user.  Well I think it can’t!

I don’t have visuals for this post, but if you hang in there I will post a freebie!
I have set up two sets of templates and I leave two files containing the templates on my desk top to access them quickly.  
First file is the Base,
I have the following size templates set up . I precut my papers in these sizes, they are ready to go when I have a project to do.
Vertical half sheet – 4.25x 11
A2- 5.5x8.5
A6  - 6x9.5
A7- 7x10
Square 6x6
Then I have a file for interiors, I preset the margins to 1/3 inch and adjust the starting point depending on what I am printing
Vertical Half sheet 4.0x10.75
A2- 5.25x8.25
A6  - 5.75 x9.25
A7- 6.75x9.75
Square 5.75x 5.75
These also are precut and stacked next to their card stock exteriors

I have been using this system since 1994 and it really works for me.  I’ve had to update as I’ve had to upgrade software and yes that is a pain and I resist some forms of change just like everyone else!!
I hope this is helpful to you!
Have a great day, Ginny M


  1. Sighhhhh gotta love blogger he just ate my comment. Love the birdee... and use Word too... have you ever tried Publisher as dad says its more versatile. Just a thought. ... rarely make cards to measure the way you do... just as whim takes me. Bad huh!!!
    Hugs dear friend,
    Shaz in Oz xxx

  2. Thanks for the measurements Ginny - Hope to set mine up next week. Always enjoy your envelopes as much as the contents. :D