Word Art Wednesday and color prompts

If you read the blog earlier yesterday you will have missed the later  post about my color sets , you will want to go back to yesterday and read the post - there are some really beautiful free digitals!  Just read the post and you will understand  what I am doing

Today is Word is Wednesday! You can go check out the lovely devotion and 
the available prizes this awesome blog offers!/

I used our Color palette as a color prompt and this beautiful verse to make my card. I will enter the challenge when I post on my blog a little later! This would be a good opportunity to use the new pallet, the verse and enter for a prize over at Word Art Wednesday! Try it, you'll like it!!

I also included a picture of an attempt at using a die. I didn't like it...

I'm not crazy about the fussy dies.

Love these colors and using them - this is a new palette for me!!

I also have a bunch of new papers up for sale on the Studio Blog! including a set used for this card "summer rest".

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Ginny M


Had to smile Ginny that your attempt with die:
1. had a verse about patience on it
2. was smudged almost as if you were determine not to like it :D
Love the colours think it would have worked...needed to be down just a fraction and not be smudged.
Think it's what you become accustomed to..
love Shaz in oz.x

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