The Intrinsic you

I normally don't offer a freebie in the beginning of the post, but I thought since this is the most important thing said in this post, I will give it it's rightful place!

I have have been teaching the bible to women and children for the last 34 years I have also been teaching rubber stamping and "word" art just as long - what a privileged life I have had, to have had so much opportunity to pursue my passion, along with everything else these decades have been spanned,  Marriage, Family,Jobs, Children, Friendships, Church.  It has been very rich and very rewarding.   I have to say, the whole way, God has made me able, He called me and was faithful in helping me accomplish dreans with  the gifts he gave me!  I ask my Sunday school young adults, what comes first , the gifts Gods gives us, or our  desire to fulfill a passion? What do you think?

I am teaching a color theory class right now in an online venue,  the very first exercise is to find the intrinsic you, not your roles in life, but to explore your "core person".  Then to write to her , Dear ____  This is what I like about you....
What about you?  Are you in touch with your intrinsic you?  Have you lost her in all the role fulfillment of your life?  Who is the real you- that mother, wife, sister, daughter, teacher (etc) spins around.  The you that longs for a voice to express the gifts God has placed within you?  Think about her and start writing to her...

Have a wonderful day
Ginny M


Such a beautiful card <3
Great promise isn't it... "Faithful is He Who calleth you... " faithful indeed. .. " he cannot deny Himself, yet He abideth faithful. " thanks sis for the blessing. Shaz in Oz x

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