Coloring Storage that won't cost an arm an a leg.

I was beginning to feel a bit over run by "stuff" on my work space, so I decided I need to relocate a few supplies and better house some others on my desk, Thought I'd show you what I did.  
I wanted all my coloring pens in one location and all my pencil in another.  I have two work areas in my little studio, a sit down desk and a standing desk.  I always sit when I color or ink, so I needed to have coloring tools on my desk.

My tool spinner was a mess and I was having a problem keeping it organized,
 I wanted to remove that.

I wanted better storage for coloring pens: all on one area and easy to get to.
A lot of my cards are mixed mediums so, keeping it all together is important to me, or at least knowing where it all is!

This was not working

First thing I did was look around the house to see what I could make for storing my pencils,
Canning jars!!

I decided a  pyramid would be great So I marked the jars where to gob on the hot glue
  very hi tech!

Having this freed up room for marker storage, 
I clipped the little pen holders of my Sharpies and Sai pens so that they would fit nicely in the cubby.

Gathered my brushes and put them in crystal containers off to one side 

all those colored pens I rarely use went off the desk and into a drawer.
 I put the frequently used pens in another set of jars off to the side.

This little project took about an two hours and three glue sticks.

Here are my results:

Now I can get back to creating!
I hope you might have found an idea you can use to clear the clutter!
Have a great weekend,
Ginny M


Anonymous said…
Nice idea Ginny! Thanks for sharing :-D

Sherry Heier
Anne said…
What a clever and aesthetically pleasing idea! Bravo!
Jan Castle said…
Nicely done Ginny...glad you found what works for you!!!! Have FUN!
Paper Hugs,
Oh wow, what a beautiful display now for your pencils! So practical and cheap.
Tara Duvall said…
Love this idea Ginny! Now to decide if I can implement it on my desk area.....hummm.....

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