Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tote along

I put this together this week.  for many of us who like to travel to crafty weekend and day events, getting our stuff there can be an issue.

Sometimes I like to just go to watch a movie and work on a little coloring - so I only have to move over a few rooms.

So for traveling big or large I put this together.  I tried a half dozen things at home,couldn't find anything. I did find this on sale at Rite Aide on sale half price ( It's a summer cooler)  I wanted: handles, a over the shoulder strap and a few pockets. $7.49!

 This was the right size:

I needed inserts to keep things in order, so I made them from canning jar inserts:

It works!!
This is a whole set of Spectrum Noir pens.
If these were copics I would be afraid of toting this many
a set of SN are around 200.00 the same number of Copics would be over $1000.00.
I love both brands, but I wouldn't risk the investment.

I like this so much I am going to create a pattern for the bag, make a few modifications for crafters- make the insert out of a more substantial material and start manufacturing these;  I have the equipment from my commercial sewing business.

Thanks for stopping by, next up: water color markers!
Ginny M


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

You don't do things by halves, do you Ginny, you are loving your spectrum noir sand must admit love this ide too, as well as the card below... Beautifully done.

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Grammy Pammy said...

I like this idea, I don't have any pens yet, but when I do I would store them like this always. Easy to get to and easy to put away. I have a small table next to my bed that I work on, so I have to keep it cleaned up at all times. I just pull off my shelf what I need each time for each project.

Jan Castle said...

Hi Ginny,
Great idea.....may I suggest thinking about making 6 or 8 little cloth or mesh sack like baskets with a floppy handle as your inserts - rather than dividers. This way you can pull out an entire color family and put it on the table to work with - or pull from the color family basket to work with. I had one of the official Copic cases and this is what they had - it worked great!!!! I did sell the bag as I now have my Copics in 3 wooden holders with slots right on top of my desk - in front of my face so to speak - so I am using them more. I don't carry my entire Copic collection anymore, so did not need the bag (looks to be about the same size as your cooler). You might try to look on-line if my description is not clear.
Paper Hugs,

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice idea thanks for sharing!!!

Anne said...

Super ideas Ginny and Jan! (Now that sounds like a partnership name...the Ginny and Jan show.....!) Great ideas and what a 'cool' price! Way to go!

Jen Evers said...

Awesome! Never thought of that! It would make it a lot easier for me to tote around my markers if I went to a crop. Thanks for sharing! You are such a talent and a blessing! xoxo Jen