Pottery, blankets and freebies!

I am really enjoying adding color to my cards with my alcohol markers. I think one thing all card makers like to do is create something unique  and really has that satisfying pop. I think that is true of art in any medium.  Soon I hope to be opening my new studio ( sometime later this year) one thing I really want to hone in on  is really using what you have and learning to use what you are spending hard earned dollars on.  I have classes lined up where the technique and  material used is the focus.  I've been to many card classes and made cards that were just replicas of someone else's designs. Which is lots of fun, but to my inner artist, not satisfying.
This summer I am working at perfecting use of the products I own, and that is what I am going to be teaching.  Once you have the basics of technique you can make your stuff sing in your style.

Today's card and freebies feature American Indian pottery, blanket motifs and a scripture.

I found these two pieces to give me color Ideas:

I decided to go with the orange/ brown palette

Here are the individual elements, please feel free to use them for your paper crafting:

This jpeg is scaled to make a 5x7 card just like mine. It is a little hard to see, to print this just use one sheet of 8.5 x 11 card stock.

Pulling my colors together:

Coloring and adding shading.  To achieve a blanket look I colored in with markers, and then went over the area which would be hit by light with a blending pen - that gave it a slightly bleached look - that is what I was aiming for, underneath that I used a colored pencil in a darker shade of brown.  I used pencil to preserve the nubbyness of the textured paper.  

Next, using a blending stump and denatured alcohol, I worked the pencil and the marker together.

I colored my pots, This time I used a gray brown to add shading.  I wanted the pot to look as smooth as possible.

After blending I inked back over the area where black micron .05 pen splotched over the black lines.

When I started to assemble the card I decided I really didn't like the over all affect, these strong images and colors needed more contrast so I inked in some of the back ground to a more solid black back ground on the blanket. 

Next I wanted to give the pottery a glaze. Um,  note to self:
do not use min wax on printer images or printer ink, it causes it to move.

and just in case I forget AGAIN:

I used this Scripture:

And here is my finished card:

I hope you have a great weekend,
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Carolyn said…
Thanks for the tutorial,Ginny. Beautiful card.
Anonymous said…
Lovely card Ginny! !!!

Sherry Heier
WonderfulSis, thanks for imGes too, love that verse too, hugs, Shaz.xxx

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}
I love your Native-American artwork and the gorgeous card you made with it. Blessings!

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