Juicing up your distress markers

Firstly, try this at your own risk.  This worked for me and it may work for you, but this is not endorsed by Ranger!  Actually they say this will not work!  But in my world using a dead marker is worth the risk, what have you got to loose?   Yesterday I did a little demo on ink pads.

Initially I had pulled out an orange distress marker: I tried a little scribble and ugh it was pretty dead, so I Just grabbed a pink one.

I went back to that marker and thought I would really like to get that one going, I know I had done very, very little coloring with it if any at all.   As you can see from this picture, what I did worked.

Both ends of this marker were dried out.  I pulled the nibs out and the pen crowns holding them in.
I did learn the brush nib had two ends - yay!

The fine line nib is a very interesting material, I'm not sure what it is, my guess would be a molded nylon.  It has a very tough durable tip.

I watered up the fine tip a little with a water and glycerin solution ( 1/2 tsp glycerin with 1 drop alcohol and two oz of water, in a 2 oz bottle with an eye dropper.

Next I put a few drops of the same solution in both ends of the pen barrel, then I added 1 dropper full of distress reinker in each end.  I know Ranger says is isn't the same formula, but it worked , really well.  I reassembled the pen and let it sit for a few minutes. 

It was like new!!!

That was 3 days ago, I have tried it several times since then all with perfect results.!

I think my favorite line of product would be the T H distress products.  They are to me worth the investment.  The ink pads are wonderful and last a long, long time and with the refills easily available, It increases there life span by years if stored properly.  I have been just a bit disappointment in the pens - knowing I actually can refresh them will mean I can enjoy them much longer and look forward to new color lines!

I hope this was helpful!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Steven Maxam said…
I appreciate the economic value here hun, plus the color really looks great, just like new. Sounded easy to try also which is always a benefit. I think I will apply some of your technique to my brain and see if it comes back to usefulness the way the markers did :) Your loving husband, Steven
P.J.R said…
Great tip.I just threw away over 50 markers as they were dried out..The La Plume ones...I am going to try this next time.Thank you
Shelly Schmidt said…
Great Tip- I have not had any go dry yet, but will surely try this if they do- you are so right- what do you have to loose?
Jan Castle said…
Super tip Ginny....the Distress markers do seem to have this problem! As do the LaPlumes....I gave all my La Plumes away and kept my Tomboy (no problems with those) and will apply your tip to the Distress markers!!! Thanks so much!
Paper Hugs,
Aileen (mum) said…
Brilliant tip. I have been debating getting the markers. I love the inks and do lots of blending and watercolour with the ink refills. Have stayed away from the markers cause I couldnt bare parking out all that money for something that will dry up and not refill. So now rethinking my first thoughts. Thank you
Sarah Jacb said…
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