Gray and Yellow

A current color trend in home decor and card making is soft shades of gray and a pastel.  They are very soothing and fun to work with.  On my Christian Card Makers group I did a color set of Grays and Yellows for everyone to work with this week , I'm bring a little of that here for you to enjoy and use in your card making.

I like to use digital papers and I like to use what I have, for these two cards I did both.

My image was a soft Asian painting of a yellow bird

I love this image however it could end up being a very dull focal point for a card

I lightened up a bit 

and then a bit more:

I kept the warm gray undertones

I selected a verse. 

I changed the sizing to fit the image

Next I worked up  digital paper layering

I didn't like it - too Blah.

 I printed my papers separately and began to build the card.

This is the first card with printed papers

This was so hard to photo, the bird image is printed on glossy and color enhanced with alcohol marker.

The second card I printed on laid paper and used a bit of paper that came as Birthday DAKS:

I think the most difficult thing about this card making was keeping the contrast levels balanced.  I tend to like very strong contrasts.  There is no right or wrong, we all have our personal preference.  I think when I started taking card making classes the cards the instructors were making had almost zero contrast, and I just couldn't get comfortable with those cards. We all respond to color and images in a  different ways, the important thing is to find what you love doing and then do it!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M


Anne said…
oooh! I have just been looking at all your gorgeous creations on your blog and wow! Such inspiration and beautiful work! What a delight to see and feast upon! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art! I would be interested in joining your Christian facebook group if that is possible please? :O) x
Absolutely gorgeous Ginny! Thanks for the tutorial

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