Project Fail!

Project FAIL!
a few days ago on a crafting group a few of us discussed the virtues of sorting DP's by color and I decided to give it a try.

 I  have 9 drawers of chopped 12x12 pads. They are cut into 6x6 mini pads, this makes it very easy for me to make cards. I am not a scrapper, I make cards, books and journals. I do have another 100 or so 12x12 set aside that I won't chop. These are all indexed

It took me 6 hours to do 2.5 drawers and this is how those ended up. PLUS I threw away about 8lbs of pieces I really couldn't stand and would not use. They went into a box for the kids club.

While I was doing this I really was thinking Wow, I'm still not happy with this, and I also remembered one time before I started and stopped. Then I remember why! Then I said okay this project is over. Fortunately the pads that I separated were from the time I first started buying printed card stock and not my favorites.

 I stopped separating them because I realized all these beautiful stacks were created to work with each other. These companies Hire Professional people to come up with beautiful designs and colors ways. And they appealed to me for card making because of this. So I was really shooting my self in the foot by separating them!.

I still have my index sytem working and I have two drawers of paper sorted by color so when I am just looking for blue I can find blue. Other wise I will continue to make cards the way I really enjoying making them, grabbing a stack and putting it all together!. Here are two of my early cards using this method

If you are a card maker and wonder if you should sort your DP stacks, I hope this helps you to decide whether or not it will help you in your craft!
Thanks for stopping by and here are a couple of freebies! 

Ginny M


Ah so truly agree Ginny, have kept all my designer papers in books and bags, even the scraps cos then I use them, they go with what they are with...
Plain cardstock I have colour sorted, and that is great ....lovely cards and great freebies, thanks!!
! Shaz in Oz.x
I don't have enough paper to separate into colours, just a tray full of 6x6 pads, so no problems here, oh and some (12x12) on a shelf that came in packets that 'collapsed' :-)
Thanks so much for the freebies Ginny

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